Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Author Spotlight - BJ Robinson talks about the setting for Whispering Cypress

This summer we stayed at The Blue Dolphin Inn and Cottages in Grand Isle, Louisiana. It's nothing fancy on the inside, but the outside more than made up for it. I loved the view from the back deck and the beautiful beach. The oldest son made coffee before dawn, and we woke to Folgers in our cup. It felt so good to wake to the smell of coffee brewing. We grabbed our cups of caffeine and sat out on the back deck to watch the sun rise. It was still dark when we first went outside, and the lights across the water were beautiful Hubby enjoyed surf fishing. I tend to use my summer vacations as research for novel writing, so I'm sure this experience will end up in a novel one day.

If you've read any of my novels, you should have noticed the theme of appreciation for nature and God's creativity. I'm also a pet and dog lover. The only thing I missed this vacation was my two girls who had to stay behind in a kennel. Honi is our golden retriever, and she'd never stayed away from us since we brought her home last summer as a puppy. Sunflower usually travels with us and goes wherever we go. She's a well-traveled dog and has even been to Hollywood, California, and the Grand Canyon. The worse part of my vacation was being separated from them for two weeks. The best part was getting to see family, the Grand Isle beach behind the Blue Dolphin, and the homecoming and reunion with Sunflower and Honi. If you love animals and nature, you'll enjoy my books. I'm a nature lover and an animal lover, so nature and animals always find a way into my novels.

Sunflower is a character in my debut novel, Last Resort. Dakota, a German shepherd we enjoyed for years, is a character in Whispering Cypress. It's Honi's turn next. I hope my readers enjoy reading my books as much as I had fun writing them. I try to take you on an adventurous journey to another world.

Dr. Dr. Rita Garcia says of B. J. Robinson's Whispering Cypress, "Spring, follows the rocky terrain of her chosen path, and reawakens a love of nature in the hearts and minds of the readers. B. J. Robinson really knows how to weave a great story. Her novels are the perfect read for a bright summer day or curled up next to a warm fire on a blistery day.

Valerie Strawmier says, "A campground you'll want to return to again and again with those characters. Author B. J. Robinson has a way of immediately drawing you to the characters. She writes great stories that draw readers in quickly, constantly throws in twists and turns, and doesn't let go."

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  1. This was such a fun vacation, surf fishing.

  2. It sure sounds like fun.

    I can imagine how hard it was to be away from your doggies.

  3. Surf fishing sounds cool. That would be something I'll likely never experience but would enjoy reading about in a novel. Sounds like an awesome vacation!

  4. The joy of reading isn't it--to be where we can't be, doing what we can't do, meeting new people, and finding it all makes sense.