Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Author Spotlight - PIcturing the Characters by K. Victoria Chase

I first dreamed of the romance writer’s life watching the movie, Romancing the Stone. I loved Joan Wilder. I loved her beautiful apartment lit with candles and a crackling fire, the life of just typing out a story that could make you cry on a laptop typewriter, and I envied her romantic adventure. That’s how I like to picture my life except for the full-time job, minus the crackling fire (I don’t have a fireplace), and no Jack T. Colton. It’s neat Joan pictured herself the heroine in her novels--I do the exact same thing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t send a picture of myself with my cover art sheet, lol. So, I sent actress Dana Davis as the heroine Maggie Weston.

And for the hero...

Perfect for my US Marshal, Chris Hemsworth is so yummy...

A reader saw the post on my blog where I introduced Hemsworth as Marshal Brandon Worth AFTER she began reading Serial Games and it changed the image she had in her head, so here are the protagonists BEFORE you read the story--if you get a chance.

Do you have an actor/actress in mind for your protagonists? What about antagonists? Do you picture yourself as the hero/heroine?

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