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Author Spotlight - A Woman's Walden by BJ Robinson

Cannot a woman have her very own Walden, as Henry David Thoreau did? I found mine in the country with a river for my back door. Nature abounded my dwelling on three sides, and a gravel road sent a dusty greeting when travelers passed. Surrounded with a view of the woodlands, I enjoyed making use of the river and the woods for other purposes besides hunting or fishing. God allowed me the A-frame cabin to grant my heart's desire for a season of my life.

I have never been rich moneywise, but I have had my treasure's worth of sunny hours and summer days "spent lavishly,” as Thoreau said, splashing and swimming in the muddy waters of rivers. Time spent between writing, with a view of the pines and oaks, or swimming or sunning on the banks of the river. I usually used my own private little island, which was leftover from many floods.

As a college student, I remember stealing an evening in the sun and lavishly spending it by a pond in the woods. What a way to do homework! As reflections of the pond rippled in the sun, I'd reflect about my life and allow my thoughts to run wild and free. I made use of that pond in my own way. Viewing the peaceful, calm water relaxed me, and I felt like a bird out of a cage as I enjoyed my freedom from being cooped up in a classroom. The pond, woods, and river were my links to nature. Sometimes a writer needs solitude.

Today, I still love to sit and reflect upon water as I write. God's granted me one of my heart's desires by allowing me to enjoy nature at my back door once again. There's nothing like being able to come home and relax and get back to nature in my own yard. I can sit in the new swing my husband bought and listen to birds sing to me, as I watch redbirds and squirrels play. The sweet peace of nature is a free and simple gift from God, a treasure that many don't discover.

My feathered friends, two Florida Sandhill Cranes visit me . A flock of small white egrets delicately tiptoe through the canal between water lily pads and search for food. Doves eat droppings from the bird feeder. Blackbirds join the others. A Sandhill airplane takes off like a great eagle, as wings flap in the wind. And, a redbird lights atop the wishing well and makes the bucket holding a yellow garden mum swing.

In the early morning, my two visitors may be seen wading down the canal. Birds sing the prettiest melodies and are the best nature-made choir. Their tunes bring in the morning and shut down the night. From dawn to dusk, I can enjoy the free gift of nature from God in sweet peace and harmony. He has truly given me a writer's paradise, a sanctuary, where my surroundings are beautified by His creative hand. My heart's desire, an inspiring place from which to write has been granted in my own yard. Thank you, God, for truly blessing me.

Dr. Dr. Rita Garcia says of B. J. Robinson's Whispering Cypress, "Spring, follows the rocky terrain of her chosen path, and reawakens a love of nature in the hearts and minds of the readers. B. J. Robinson really knows how to weave a great story. Her novels are the perfect read for a bright summer day or curled up next to a warm fire on a blistery day.

Valerie Strawmier says, "A campground you'll want to return to again and again with those characters. Author B. J. Robinson has a way of immediately drawing you to the characters. She writes great stories that draw readers in quickly, constantly throws in twists and turns, and doesn't let go."

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