Friday, 25 December 2009

Author Intro with Desert Breeze Author Regan Taylor

Regan Taylor is a new author here to Desert Breeze! Welcome and thanks for taking time out on Christmas to hang out here with me on the blog.

From both Regan and I, and the authors and staff at Desert Breeze - Have a very merry Christmas with you and yours!


Now for the interview.

#1 -- How long have you been writing?

REGAN: Non-fiction since 1992'; fiction since 2003

#2 – Do you have a muse? If so, tell us about your muse.

REGAN: Oh yes. He's tall, blond and with green eyes. He likes to be in my books and does get a tad snarky when my hero is a brunette. Never tried a re head so I don't know what he'd do about that.

He tends to wake me in the middle of the night and then gives me a decision dream for my next scene.

#3 – Do you have any writing credits before coming to Desert Breeze?


Steph: Egg on me. I should have asked her what they were!

#4 – What genres do you like to write? Are they different from what you read?

REGAN: Mostly I write time travels and while the first book in my upcoming series with Desert Breeze is a time travel the rest of the series has what I hope readers will find an interesting twist on an old legend.

My guilty pleasure reading is westerns, both romance and straight western.

#5 – What are your hobbies?

REGAN: Reading

#6 – Where do you live? Does where you live inspire your writing?

In Marin County California. At times. The Photograph with Desert Breeze takes place in Napa, California. Book 2 does as well but there are scenes out at the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse and I've got some pictures I took out there that I use for inspiration.

STEPH: I'm down in Castaic, just north of LA. I've been up to Napa and Sonoma several times, the last in NOV 2007.

#7 – Did you do NaNoWriMo this year? Have you ever done it?

REGAN: I started to this year and got 47,000 words in before two things happened -- both good. I got the edits for a release elsewhere and I found a second job. The job has kept me out of writing but making bill payment easier for the past month.

['ve done it the past 4 years and each year finished a book which is now either published or contracted. I highly recommend it.

STEPH: Congrats! This was my first year and while it sucked the life out of me, I've got a book out of it! hehe

#8 – What’s your favorite movie?

REGAN: Final Countdown

#9 – Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

REGAN: I'm actually pretty boring but here goes.

One of my kitties is 21-1/3 years old (at that age you count in months) and is my vet's poster girl for That to do right for a kitty to live that long.

I read tarot

STEPH: Very cool about the tarot! I wouldn't mind having a reading. hehe

Hmmmmm, I'm actually very shy.

#10 – What’s your favorite – Christmas or New Years?

REGAN: Neither. For me from Thanksgiving till January 2 is a lot of needless drama and stress-based emotion. If you can't express those "joyous" and heartfelt feelings all year long are they real when you do it during that 6-7 week period? Now the Pagan new year (Samhaim or what cowans call Halloween) I do enjoy immensely. It's a time of renewal and growth. Time is very precious to me. As I've watched Molly -- the 21-1/3 year old kitty -- grow and go through her life I see more and more how each day needs to count and how precious life is. When my kitties have crossed the rainbow bridge, with each one, I've wished for just one more day. I do get that time in dreams, but it's not the same as holding someone or a beloved pet one more time. The most generous gift anyone can give me is their time be it to have a meal, go to a museum or simply go for a walk. Almost every night Molly and her brother Mel (who is 11) sit on the couch with me for a few minutes. I don't talk, they don't meow -- but they do purr -- we enjoy the quiet and each other's presence. When I go to a museum or meal with a friend we often don't speak but enjoy the simple silence of our time together. THAT is the best and greatest gift for me.


Thanks for letting the readers here at Desert Breeze get to know you.

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