Monday, 28 December 2009

Congrats to Desert Breeze's Author Tina Pinson and Graphic Artist Jennifer Ranieri

Congrats to Desert Breeze graphic artist Jennifer Ranieri (Jen makes the best covers and is co-owner with Gail) who won an ARIANA award (The Ariana cover awards are sponsored through EPIC) for her cover for "White Tiger." It's great to see her talent recoginzed. She won in "SCI-FI/FUTURISTIC ROMANCE" EPIC stands for: "Electronically Published Internet Connection" and support Ebooks.

Also, Congrats to Desert Breeze Author, Tina Pinson - Her story, "Counting Tessa," made it to the final round in The Phoenix Rattler, Does Your Story Have Bite? Contest. Counting Tessa came out in third place in this round.

It will now go to DEIRDRE KNIGHT OF THE KNIGHT AGENCY, who is the final judge for her category.

Good luck to you, Tina!

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