Monday, 7 December 2009

Featured Dec Release - Twins Sons of Different Mothers

People are dying in Colorado... violently and without apparent reason, stumping local police.

When Mac arrives in Colorado, his plan is to help an old friend solve the puzzle of the Alphabet Killer. On the tail end of a nasty divorce, he never expected to find a woman as intriguing and beautiful as his new, temporary partner - Detective Kieren Carlson. But she is both, and soon he finds himself as captured by Kieren as he is by the case.

Kieren is determined to solve the puzzle of the killings before more people have to die. With Mac's help, the truth is revealed one devastating and surprising detail at a time. But, can they stop the killer before someone else has to die?

"Superficially there seems to be no connection between any of the victims. No friends or employers… even acquaintances in common."

He was quick to point out that they might share a common connection through a professional relationship such as a dentist or family photographer but those were details they would need to correlate with time. Hopefully they would come upon something to lead them in the right direction.

"The cause of death in each case is garroting, though the wire or cord is missing. Generally we find that garroting is a method of choice when the death is intended to be quick and with little struggle. It must be accomplished by surprise. These people had no idea death stalked them. Undoubtedly they didn't see it coming."

He pointed at the names on the board. "Does anything stand out with regards to the names?"

He turned back to the group. Six pairs of eyes looked blankly at the board then back at him. Kieren, on the other hand looked like she was actually thinking about the question. She had written something in her notebook and busily connected words with long lines and arrows.

Mac continued. "What we do know about serial killers, statistically speaking, is that they tend to stay within their ethnic group. That is to say whites kill whites, African-American kills African-American etc. although there are notable exceptions to every rule. In this case we find that we have both women and children as victims, one Native American boy, and one child of mixed white and Asian heritage. These things make me question how these people are being picked. Is it truly a series of crimes of opportunity? Or were they picked for a reason and we don't know what that reason is yet? Detective Carlson, is there something you're seeing?"

Something flashed across Chase's face at the mention of her name, attracting Mac's attention, but he quickly covered it with a mask of control. "Yeah, Carlson…tell us what you see up there…" he muttered under his breath.

I started writing 30 years ago, when I was living in Portland Oregon. I had been raised in Colorado and Arizona and I was firmly convinced that I had moved to an alien planet. What else could you do when it rained 300 days a year? I started to write.

I have a degree as a veterinary technician and I worked for years for a well known orthopedic veterinary surgeon. They were some of the best years of my work life.

Books by Raine at Desert Breeze Publishing:

Unlikely Partners Book One: Twin Sons of Different Mothers - Available December 2009

Unlikely Partners Book Two: Pity the Pets - Available July 2010

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