Thursday, 17 December 2009

Welcome guest blogger, Desert Breeze Author, Melanie Atkins

A White Christmas? Not here!

I live in the Deep South, and I've never, ever seen a white Christmas. Sure, we had a dusting of snow, maybe an inch, a couple of weeks ago...but that was on December 5th. Weeks away from Christmas Day. My cats were startled by the quiet cold, by the way the damp snow chilled their paws. But they're adventurous beings, and they had a blast romping through it and exploring that new, strange world. The snow was pretty much gone by noon. Still, it was fun.

But snow on Christmas morning? It probably won't ever happen here in real life, even though I wish it would. Just once.

That's why I write. So I can make the improbable—and the impossible—happen. So I can bring fiction to life on the page, just for a little while. I love crafting an escape from the world, from the sagging economy and all the bad news. And while I write suspense, with plenty of dead bodies and baffling mysteries woven into the plot, the romantic twist guarantees a happy ending. Every time.

My next book with Desert Breeze, PRIME SUSPECT, is due out in February. It starts with a murder...but hang on for the ride, because I think you'll be smiling at the end.

Blurb: New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Marisa Cooper prosecutes murderers for a living, but the tables are turned on her when her ex-husband is found dead in her garage. To prove her innocence, she must team up with her former fiancée, Slade Montgomery, the detective who risks his career--and his heart--to help her find the real killer.

Hope you'll check it out! You can read more about PRIME SUSPECT and all of my projects at and Be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter, too. (On Twitter, I'm melanie_atkins)
Thanks for allowing me to guest blog!


  1. Melanie, I'm looking forward to Prime Suspect. I love the premise of the novel. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Thanks, Steph! I fell in love with Marisa and Slade right away. Loved writing this book.

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Love the title and the blurb! Sounds like a great read. I'm looking forward to reading PRIME SUSPECT!