Monday, 21 December 2009

The Reviews are in for Desert Breeze's "Christmas Stranger"

Marion Kelley Bullock's Christmas Stranger is the perfect book for the season. Melinda Jane Frazier, postmistress and farmer in Primrose, Missouri, accepts her single state. But her quiet existence changes overnight when strangers arrive during a blizzard. She hefts Papa's old rifle from the gun rack, cocks it and cracks the door open.

She opens her home to Zeke, a widower, and his young son Timothy. They fill her heart with unexpected Christmas cheer. Though Zeke insists he’s a drifter, Melinda begins to hope he’ll change. How can she bear to return to the lonely life she knew before Zeke drifted to her door?


The Reviews:

Midnight Owl Reviews, Melinda
4.5 Stars

"A Christmas Stranger is a tale of one man’s wanderings leading him to a woman who has almost given up on love. Zeke has always moved from one place to another with his little boy, never expecting to stay more than a couple days. I loved that Melinda took these two in not knowing for sure if they will hurt her or not. These three were so great with each other to the point where you will cry at certain points and root for them at others. You will also want to give Zeke a hit upside the head so that he gets a bit of common sense. A really great read."

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Fallen Angels Reviews - Kara
5 Angels

"Christmas Stranger by Marion Kelley Bullock is a wonderful, gentle western historical, written in a style which reminds me of Catherine Anderson. The reader is quickly transported back in time and quickly achieves a real sense of the community, time and place...When you need a break from the upcoming busy holiday season, set aside a couple of hours and settle in to enjoy the heart-warming Christmas Stranger.

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Coffee Time Romance - Matilda
4 Cups

"What a sweet and tender story about love, faith, and family. This is a great feel good read for anytime not just the holidays. Likeable characters in an entertaining read what more can you ask for? Go grab a copy."

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Romance Junkies - Audrey Johnson
4 Stars

"CHRISTMAS STRANGER combines the magic of the Holidays with the enchantment of finding true love... Bullock’s use of verse and prayer in a truly God-fearing, caring community, teach the true meaning of faith. CHRISTMAS STRANGER beautifully demonstrates the wonder and meaning of the Season, and it will be impossible to finish this novel without discovering that your own spirit has been revived."

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  1. Congrats, Marion! Christmas Stranger is on my reading list!