Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Meet Desert Breeze Author Melinda Elmore!

Melinda Elmore has recently joined Desert Breeze. We're lucky to have her blogging for us today. Welcome, Melinda!


I have lived in Arizona and Tennessee. I have discovered wealth is not measured in how much money you have but in how much love you share.

I have been happily married to my wonderful husband, Tom for 22 years. I have two remarkble children, Shaelee and Erik.

As a young child, I loved reading and writing. Many nights I would wrap up in a blanket, daydream, while I turned the exciting pages of a book. The books would take me to many places. I loved the idea of going from the normal world in which I lived, then instantly I would be taken to a place far away.

To my surprise, I started writing and creating my very own world. A place where I could go and lose myself with just a pen and paper.

I grew up with the fascination of the American Indian. My love for them grew by leaps and bounds as I read about them from my history book. I wanted to show, in my writings, of the proud people that the American Indians truly are. They show honor and respect for all living things. If I can capture just a small portion of that in my writings then that would be an added bonus for me.

Native American Romance and Native American mysteries is my passion. I hope to reveal in my books the uniqueness of the American Indian. I feel truly blessed to try and reveal how special the American Indians truly are.

The love of my family and the love for the American Indian have become focal points in my stories. I will do my best for both of them.

I sincerely pray readers enjoy the characters that I bring to life on each turning page!!!!

I finally found Desert Breeze Publishing. Gail Delaney is the best. I am so happy to be here. I am like every other author, submitting, submitting, and then the wait. Desert Breeze came through for me and I truly appreciate it.

My book, “Native Spirit” will be published by Desert Breeze Publishing Feb. 2011
If you would like to contact me, here are my links:

My email: or

Here is a list of some of my credits and work:
Published Work/Accolades:
Cardiovascular Diease Essay- Saint Thomas Chest Pain Network and Cumberland Medical Center.
April 2008- Winner of Essay. Received Cash award and article published
Published in the Crossville Chronicle, in April 2008

Freelance Writer for Navajo/Hopi Observer, Flagstaff, AZ
Diabetes Dwells Among Native Americans,
Navajo Nation Library offers access to knowledge and more,
Natives Welcome a helping hand from National Relief Charities,
Leave Our Sacred Lands Alone!,

Award of Honor
Cambridge Who’s Who registry for 2008-2009 inclusion for executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Guest Speaker/TV Interview/Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger:
April 5, 2009-
May 16, 2009- - Cheyenne Dog Soldiers
June 12, 2009-
July 7, 2009- – Apache Maiden

TV Interview:
April 29, 2009 “Crossville Profiles: Interview “Native Dreams” Gateway Productions, Crossville TN
Guest Speaker: April 22, 2009: Speaking Engagement: Martin Jr. High School
Ms. Laurie Kerr class “Native Dreams”, Writing
Radio Station Link: Radio Station Web Posting: "Native Dreams" on Fun Stuff Page

Olympus Films:
Exective Producer: Apply for grants and raise money for Olympus Films, LLC


  1. Wow, Melinda, you are quite accomplished. What I love about the American Indian is how in touch they are with their spirtiuality (sp?) I really enjoyed how Stephanie Meyer portrayed them in her Twilight series. I'm looking forward to your story.

    Moderator Steph

  2. Steph,

    Thank you for having me here today. I am so honored. I am a new author with Desert Breeze but plan to be here for a long while

    Walk in harmony,

  3. I've heard great things about this publisher. Congrats on becoming one of the authors. I've been trying to get something to submit to them, but then I heard they're closed for submissions for six months. Guess I'll just have to wait...

    Gail is great. She was one of my very first critique partners. She's an awsome woman!


  4. Hi Melinda! Isn't it wonderful how a childhood love of reading can influence a person her entire life? Congratulations on being with Desert Breeze!

  5. Phyllis,

    Thank you for stopping by today. I feel the same way about Desert Breeze and Gail.

    I am so thankful to be a part of such a great group.

    Walk in harmony,

  6. Vicki,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is amazing how when your a child and you love to read then it turns into this wonderful life of writing

    Walk in harmony, Vicki


  7. Hi Melinda, I have really enjoyed getting to know you. Here are good wishes for many more books and great reviews for Native


  8. Tanya,

    Thanks for stopping by. I feel Native Spirit will be a success because I wrote it from my heart

    Walk in harmony,

  9. Good luck with your release and new publisher.
    I've decorated my house with Native American art and objects so I share your fascination. Sherman Alexie is one of my favorite authors, and I've been fortunate to meet him. He's a funny and brilliant man!

  10. Deborah,

    Thanks for stopping by. My home is decorated with Native American art and objects also.

    Sherman is very brilliant man

    Walk in harmony,

  11. Hi Melinda,
    You certainly are a busy and multi-skilled lady. All the best.


  12. Melinda, this publishing company look like the perfect fit for you. I'm so proud of you for your perseverance. I wish you all the best! Loved your blog.

  13. Margaret,

    Thank you for stopping by. I am quiet busy but I love it.

    Hope you stop by my blog often

    Walk in harmony,

  14. Linda,

    Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time and consider you a dear friend. By the way your blurb will be on this book, thanks for doing one for me.

    Walk in harmony,