Saturday, 12 December 2009

Featured Author Interview - Raine Falconer

Raine Falconer started writing 30 years ago, when she was living in Portland Oregon. She had been raised in Colorado and Arizona and she was firmly convinced that she had moved to an alien planet. What else could you do when it rained 300 days a year? She started to write.

Raine has a degree as a veterinary technician and she worked for years for a well known orthopedic veterinary surgeon. She's with Desert Breeze Publishing for her novel, "Twin Sons of Different Mothers."

It's great to have you here today. Raine.

#1 – Tell me about your muse – How long have you guys been hanging out?

I've been playing at writing for 35 years. It's a creative outlet which has always been enjoyable to me on a private level but only recently have I taken the next step...that of polishing and publishing...thanks to Gail Delaney and the crew at DBP. They're the best to work with!

#2 – Where did you find the inspiration for your new novel, “Twin Sons of Different Mothers.”

I think it's always been an idea that's been in the back of my mind. What happens when you take identical twins and subject them to sigificantly different upbringing? Obviously the extremes in this story are...well they're part and parcel of the story and it wouldn't have been the story without those extremes. Genetics has always fascinated me...

STEPH: I've always been interested in the same concept, Raine. It's no wonder, fellow author Celia Yeary said we had a lot in common. hehe

#3 - Cast the characters – Who plays Mac? Kieren? Mac?

Probably Adrian Paul...jeez, could we just clone him a bunch of times? Kieren-she's harder for me to identify, maybe Kyra Sedgewick but NOT with that corn-pone accent she uses in the Closer.

STEPH: I LOVE Kyra Sedgewick in the CLOSER!

#4 – I’m not familiar with the plot. Can you tell us a little bit more about the book?

Kieren is training her dog Kevin in a specialized type of scent discrimination and he figures in the identification of the murderer. Mac, the FBI profiler who comes in to assist with the prickly case falls for Kieren just as she falls for him. Though they work incredibly well together they have some real issues to work through personally, and the big question they? : ))

#5 – Do you still stay involved in veterinary medicine?

Since I bred and showed dogs for 35 years I've stayed involved as much as possible but it grows and changes as quickly as human medicine and is far more complex since it is the umbrella over a multitude of species instead of just one as in human medicine. I've always been fascinated by the really great vets because the other thing they don't have to work with is a verbal patient...(think about it!)

#6 – Where would you like to go visit in the United States that you haven’t been before?

The deep south and the northeast are big on my list.

#7 – Do you plot your novels out, or do you fly by the seat of your pants, going where the wind takes you?

I was pretty much a pantser with TSDM and I'm quite sure (grin) that I paid a big price in additional editing and revising on it. Much of my writing is, however, just seems to flow when my fingers are on the keyboard. I'm trying to organize myself on the second of the series however and I'm hoping that Gail and I will see FAR fewer edits because of it.....

STEPH: Gail rocks in my books. I know she works very hard on her edits.

It was nice to have you hear today, Raine.

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