Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Author Spotlight Week - K Dawn Byrd shares her passion for Inspirationals

Inspirational authors could just as easily write for the secular market if they chose. After all, a story is a story. I choose to write for the inspirational market because I'm a born again Christian and like to bring the fact that even Christians aren't perfect into my writing. For example, when my heroine in, Killing Time, is wrongly accused and incarcerated, she becomes angry with God. Haven't we all been there at some point? It doesn't do us much good, but it's human.

I enjoy reading good, clean books and I know when I choose to read inspirational novels, the story will be free of the sex, smut, and gore of the world. We're bombarded on all sides with it, but I can choose what to fill my mind with when I read. When I write, my goal is to provide a clean story that's suitable for all readers while entertaining them at the same time.

Since I write mainly suspense, my characters are plunged almost instantly into danger and intrigue. Sometimes the obstacles seem insurmountable. There are times when their faith in God is all they have. I like to show in my plots that even though God doesn't always rescue us out of the middle of the storms, He's there to lead us through it.


  1. K. Dawn? Dawn? What shall I call you? I appreciate your devotion to writing clean stories with real characters. While I don't exactly write Inspirationals, I do write a somewhat clean novel, at least they can be called--classic? Not exactly sweet either. Well, I'm not here to compare my writing with yours, but to congratulate you for your faith and your beliefs. I've been a "good girl" all my life, but some of my characters aren't. Yours either, I'm sure. That is real life for sure. Best wishes for your novel's success. Celia

  2. Your interview has me intrigued.

    I have to read this to see how you pull it off.