Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Reviews are in for Desert Breeze

"Helen Ravell shows in her elegant, expressive prose the stresses of a modern relationship...I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend Summer Wine."

Lindsay Townsend - Classic Romance Revival Reviews
Rating = 5 Wings

"... a very griping book, one that will hold a reader's attention until the very last page... most especially for the beauty of the author's writing style... Summer Wine is a perfect summer book, and one I definitely recommend."

You Gotta Read Reviews

"I want to say wow, but I'm not allowed. So I will say that the passion and intensity of feelings portrayed appeals to that special place we all have locked inside us. Julia and Cade are both strong in public, but when behind closed doors, it is their vulnerability that makes them lovable. Ms. Kincaid has provided a rare story that needs not one but a box full of tissues.

Holly - Reviewer/Coffe Time Romance & More
Rating: 5 Cups!
Recipient of the CTRR Award!


"Sue Perkins has written a lively story about a little girl who didn’t know any life except the one Darcy struggled to provide. They were both detailed in the book and were so loveable it was impossible to not be on their side. The chemistry between Darcy and Travis was electric... This book was a pleasure to read and I recommend it to all. It is light hearted and fun. It warms the heart. The happily-ever-after definitely presented some surprises."

Brenda Talley - The Romance Studio
Rating = 4.5 Hearts

"I couldn’t put the book down. I highly recommend it to anyone—even young adults. There is a beautifully sweet storyline. I can’t wait for the upcoming book to see who is next. Great job, Ms. Levigne!"

"Brenda Talley - The Romance Studio"
Rating = 5 Hearts!

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