Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Carie Lawson shares her passion for Inspirationals

My writing career was inspired by the question, "What can God do with your greatest weakness?" The first time I heard the questions, I shrugged it off. I have so many flaws, how do I pick just one for God to use. A couple of months later, the same questions came around and I got honest. My biggest weakness is my love to read romances. I love them all and would read to the exclusion of spending time doing the things I need to do. Not just the exceptional book that was too good to put down. I really spent a lot of time curled up with a book.

So when the question came up that second time, I spent some time thinking about it. What could God do with my love of reading? God planted a seed in my head--I could try to write. As it turned out I loved to write just as much as I loved to read. When I sat back and was honest, God had been fertilizing the soil for a long time, I just hadn't been aware. I'd started a book in a spiral bound notebook while I was in high school, then threw it away when I headed off to college.

Because of the way God introduced writing to me, there was no way I could write anything but inspirational. If I was going to use this weakness to glorify Him, then I'd better make sure He was solidly in the stories.

When I was creating my website, carielawsonbooks.com, I was trying to find a simple statement that would reflect what I write. I came up with "Messy Middles, Blessed Ever Endings" because I think most people's lives are messy, but when we learn to rely on the Creator he can turn a jumbled mess into something wonderful. That's what I hope my stories reflect to the readers.

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