Thursday, 9 September 2010

My favorite movie - By Stephanie Burkhart

I have an embarrassing memory. I hate to admit it. When I was about 7 or 8 I was hanging out with my cousin Kim and Aunt Lillian and Aunt Lillian wanted to take us to the 10 year anniversary showing of "The Sound of Music." I voiced my unhappiness. That movie was no fun. My Aunt Lillian scolded me and that was that.

In 1988, I discovered Salzburg, Austria and The Sound of Music for the first time. I was shamed. *grin*

My army friend, Mary, said, "Let's take a week leave and go to Berchesgarden, Germany. We can visit Salzburg."

"Sure. " I said. Berchesgarden was an Army Rec Center. "What's in Salzburg."

"That's where the Sound of Music was filmed. Haven't you seen the movie?"


Mary invited me over to see it. And I fell in love!
For one, I'm a sucker for a good setting and the setting was gorgeous. The town, the Mirabell Gardens, everything had a small town European charm to it. Julie Andrews had a great voice and the Captain was handsome. The children were so sweet and my favorite was Liesel. After all, I was only 3 years older than her at the time.

That first trip in 1988 was so much fun. Salzburg, at the time, had not changed much from when the movie was filmed 25 years prior. I was amazed. I thought I was stepping back into time. Mary and I visited the Mirabell gardens and found the fountain that Julie Andrews stuck her hand in. I wanted to put my hand in it, but I was too short. And Mozart Krugels! Like pistastio candies in chocolate. Sigh...

Of course, I fell for the love story between Maria and the Captain. The head strong governess wins over the children, and in time, their father. Sigh.... For me, there's nothing more romantic than a man falling in love with the woman who cares for his children.
In 1990, when I met my husband and we were talking about our favorite movies, I immediately showed him The Sound of Music. We had to watch it a couple of times. *grin* Then in 1991,(September, I believe) when we both got 3 day passes, we took advantage of the rec trips to Berchesgarden and visited. It was his only visit, but I had to take him to Salzburg and show him the sites of The Sound of Music. The air was breezy, the flowers were in bloom, and we held hands walking through the Mirabell Gardens, teasing each other, smiling, giggling to the tune of "Do-Ri-Me." The Sound of Music became our own personal romantic movie.

The Sound of Music will always be my favorite movie. I fell in love against the backdrop of Salzburg, Austria. Just like Maria did.

My husband and I at a formal military dinner, 1990.

In my short story, "Matchmaking A-muse-ment," in the Be Mused Anthology, that was released in April with Desert Breeze, muses Tristan and Isolde travel to Berchesgarden where they fall in love. And of course, one of their visits was Salzburg. It was such a nice to treat to work my love of Berchesgarden and Salzburg into a romantic short.

Anyone else want to share their thoughts about the Sound of Music or their favorite movie?


  1. Not really my memory, but when my daughter was at university she and her friends saw a version at the movies where the words appear along the bottom like Karioke up so the audience can sing along. To get themselves in the mood they all went dressed as nuns. I like the Sound of Music but it's on every other Christmas on the TV which makes it a bit blah if you watch it too much.

  2. Sue, I think that's the catch - you have to save it for special occasions. *grin*


  3. I love the Sound of Music, but you're right. Special occasions only. I love sitting back and just letting it roll over me. It has to be my all time favorite musical, well after Hello Dolly. I love me some Babs.


  4. Steph,

    I love the picture of you in military uniform.

    I still remember when my friend Jane and I went to see Sound of Music in the movie theatre - I loved it. I have watched it several times thru the years.

  5. STEPH--love the cute photo. Salzburg truly is a gorgeous place. We didn't get to stay there long, but we loved every minute--Everyone! loves The Sound of Music! Celia

  6. JMO - You and babs! I would have never guessed! *wink*

    Diane, I saw The Sound of Music in Vegas in 1994 with Marie Osmond in the lead. It was really cute. We enjoyed it. It's a great musical live.

    If you ever get back to Salzburg, hang out for the day. Did you eat the Mozart Krugels?


  7. I LOVE that movie. It never gets old to me. And think that is so neat that you got to visit those places. What a wonderful experience.

  8. Dear Steph,
    I'm days late in commenting, sorry, but I totally agree with you. Great, great movie. And I loved how your personal story is intertwined with the movie...doubly romantic! Great photo 'in dress'. Anyone else out there who used to rattle off the names: "Hans, Liesel Gerta, Bridgit..." etc? Salzburg is an a-one, awesome spot. Thank you for another great post. Regina

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