Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Celia Yeary shares her favorite movie

I’m not a huge movie fan, and abhor much of the violence, silliness, and downright stupidity of many of today’s movies. Movie-goers do not know what they missed. One wonderful movie they probably missed is PICNIC, a 1955 romance, starring William Holden—a very young, very virile William Holden—lovely Kim Novak, and Cliff Robertson. “Small town lovers who face many complications because of his drifter background and her wealthy important background.”

The plot takes place over a Labor Day weekend. William Holden—Hal—drifts into town riding the rails and looks up a college buddy, Kim Novak’s brother. But Hal never finished college and ended up “no damn good.” But he is good—just misguided and lonely. Kim falls for him, but keeps it to herself, knowing she’d upset everyone in town, especially her parents.

Kim’s brother pretends to welcome Hal, hoping he’ll go away. But Hal ses Madge (Kim) and hangs around, involving himself in the activities of the day—a river parade in which Madge is the queen, a town picnic, and Madge’s family in general.
This move is filled with poignant longings and yearnings, jealousy, hatred, loneliness, embarrassments, angst, and deep sadness and hurt.

A good romance author would recognize the external conflicts, the internal conflicts, and the inappropriate attraction between Hal and Madge. In a confrontation with Madge’s brother, Hal learns he is really despised, and that the family had made a supreme effort to tolerate him. Damaged and devastated, Hal speaks to Madge alone and entices her to run away with him.
I’ve watched this movie numerous times over the years, and if it came on AMC or TCM, I’d drop everything to sit and watch it.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I love old movies but I've not familiar with this one. Sounds very Romeo and Juliet. I'll going to have to put it on my Netflicks.

  2. DANIELLE--It will seem melodramatic with over-acting to you, but still it has so much emotion in it.The two main characters aren't the only ones with deep angst, either. Thanks for your comment--Celia

  3. Celia, I missed Picnic and regret it. If I can find it, I'll try to watch it now. I love the "old" movies when plot lines were clear and charaters were well defined. Ah, for the good ole days. Sigh. Thanks for calling this one to my attention. Linda