Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Carie Lawson shares her favorite movie

Well, I have to admit I my favorite movie of all time is You've Got Mail. It makes me happy because I love the two main characters and want them to fall in love.

BUT, I have a new "favorite" movie I just recently got the chance to see, Facing the Giants. It was on TV the other night and my husband turned it on as I was working on something, so I was half listening, not too interested. But it captured me. What an awesome message it carries! God really used that movie to change my perspective on a few things in my own life where I had developed a bad attitude. The message that I took away from it was's ALL about God. Nothing else we do is going to have lasting impact. Our job is to do our best and let God bring a harvest.

It's changed the way I handle my kids complaining about others because I was reminded that God has told us to pray for those who don't treat us well. It had made me look at all of our activities and ask again, "How can this bring glory to God."

This lesson was something I knew, but had conveniently forgotten in some aspects of my life. I was inspired to relook at these areas to see how our family could improve.

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