Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Author Spotlight - AR Norris talks about her favorite movie

Oh my goodness, Steph! You're killing me. How can I choose just one? Just one! *Deep breath*

All right. I have to say, if I were tied up, the evil interrogator, Mistress Stephanie, taking pliers to my fingers to break them. The air thick with the recent shock treatment...oh, wait, sorry. I veered off into my daydream.

I'm back. *Eyes Steph suspiciously*

Off the top of my head, my favorite movie is Stand by Me. I love Richard Dreyfuss' voice as the narrator. The friendship between the boys was endearing. They each had their faults and loved each other anyways. Stephen King had a way with words that the screenwriter translated well into the movie version. It's one of the only book to movie scenarios I've seen that actually keeps the intent and purpose of the book in a satisfying way.

Most of all, the movie inspires and reminds me of the summer adventures and those friends before hitting high school. Every time I watch it I get a good dose of nostalgia.


  1. Your choice surprised me. I was expecting an S-F movie. The chubby-faced Jerry O'Connell in the poster takes me back. I wish there was a girl pals movie with such class.

  2. Haha! I know, it surprised me too, Barb. There are some pretty cool SF movies but some movies just go deeper and trigger something more inside you. I guess this did that for me.

    One more thing I've discovered about myself.