Friday, 24 June 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Resurrection by Jennifer Hartz

Enjoy this excerpt from Jenn Hartz's latest release, Resurrection. Leave a comment here and I'll pick a winner to receive a copy of either Book 1 or Book 2 of the series, Future Savior curesty of Jennifer. Both Jenn and I hope you've enjoyed your visit to Meric this week. I'll pick the winner on Monday 27 June and post an announcement on the DB Connections Yahoo Group so you have the wweekend to enjoy the excerpt.

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After everything I had witnessed during my days in Meric, from learning to use amazing powers, fighting in a war, being attacked by literal monsters, meeting Elves, and the myriad of other things that had happened to me, the addition of time travel wasn't too hard to swallow. However, something still didn't make sense.

"But why am I this age again? Even if I traveled through time, wouldn't I have maintained the same age?"

"That's a good point," Shaw said gazing far off and I could tell he was contemplating every angle of the situation in his head. I looked closely at his face for the first time since being here. It was so strange to realize it was Shaw hidden in the body of this teenage boy. The amazing silvery blue eyes were the same, but everything else was different. Now I was really thinking about it I was becoming a bit uneasy and I desperately wanted to see Shaw's real face.

"Shaw," I asked, "could you do something for me?"

"Hmm," he replied not looking at me still lost somewhere in his thoughts, working out our dilemma.

"Could you change into your real self?"

This got his attention and he looked at me with great curiosity.

"Why?" he demanded.

I realized at that moment I possessed something incredible. I possessed future knowledge. I also realized I had to be painstakingly careful with this knowledge. Shaw had no idea how I felt about him. He had no idea I was in s love with him. In fact, I had no clue if he was in love with me during this time in my life. Maybe his love for me didn't develop until later. If I told him now how I felt, who knows what kind of implications that would have on future events. I realized I had to guard everything I said to him from here on out. What if I alter a future event so much it hurts someone I care about? This was going to be difficult.

"Um... it's just weird talking to you when you look like this," I finally replied.

Part of me really wanted to tell him that gazing into his face was the only thing I wanted to do right before I died and now, that I was not actually dead, I wanted to look at his face for the rest of my life. But I figured that would be a bit much for him to handle especially since he had no clue how I truly feel about him.

"Alright," he said and I watched in amazement as the good-looking teenager, Alex Lamont, amazingly transformed into the most handsome man in the world right before my eyes.

"Is that better?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you," I said grinning at him, but I couldn't help it. I was just so elated to see him properly.

"You know," Shaw began returning his gaze back out the window, deep in concentration, "I have a theory I'd like you to try out. I think I may know why you're young again, but I want you to try something. I'm guessing you had powers in Meric, right?"
"Yeah... how did you know that?"

"You're the prophesied Savior and you're King Davis' daughter. Of course you have powers," he said as if this were the most common thing in the world. "What powers did you have?"

"Well I had visions of the past and future and I could move things with my mind," I replied.

"Telekinesis, that's good. Alright, I want you to try and move something right now."

"But I didn't have powers when I was seventeen. I didn't develop them until I entered Meric when I was thirty."

"Just try," he urged.

I rolled my eyes. What was he expecting? This wasn't going to work. I looked out the window and noticed Shaw had pulled the car over right next to a cow pasture. We were in a very rural part of town. There was a wooden fence containing about three-dozen chocolate brown cows. The grass was a lush green and there were some large oak trees dotted along the rolling hills of the pasture.

I got out of the car and Shaw followed me. I looked out over the pasture and wondered if this was really going to work. I sincerely doubted it, but I decided to humor Shaw. I focused my attention on a small calf not far from where we were standing and I raised my hand in a sweeping motion towards it. Then, much to my astonishment, everything in the entire field, cows, fence posts, trees, and rocks as far as the eye could see shot like a rocket a good twenty feet straight up into the air.


  1. I love the cover and the blurb. Sounds like a great book.

  2. Well, Jen. You might convert me. Especially with excerpts like this! I'm a die hard women's fiction, historical romance kind of woman, but I will try your book! You know I was lucky enough to win your first one. Blessings.

  3. Hey, great excerpt! I usually read RS, but you grabbed me. I wish you many, many sales!

  4. Hi Jennifer, Conception is at the top of my reading list, now I only have to find time to read. Congratulations on the release of Resurrection, hope you have great sales.

  5. Sounds like a great book! I would love to be entered for your first one so I can read them in order:) Thanks!


  6. The excerpt is great and so is the cover. Both really draw me in. Another book to add to my wishlist ... the first of the month can't come soon enough.

  7. I'm kind of a ditto of Jude, but I think it's so cool that the market is opening the way it is for this genre. I would definitely give a try if I win! (And I think your covers are AMAZING.)