Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Christina Vaughn from Future Savior

Hey everybody, Christina Vaughn here. You probably know me as the Savior of Meric. Which, quite frankly, is a title I’d much rather not have. But all of that craziness aside, I’ve finally caught up with Charis the Prophet and she’s giving me one chance to ask a few questions… not that she’ll answer any of them. I’m sure she’ll just give me her usual cryptic answer, but it’s worth a shot.

Christina: Okay so Charis, you’re a prophet. What is your most famous prophesy?

Charis: I would have to say the prophesy I had about you, my dear Christina. I had a vision that King Davis and Queen Lorna would have a child and that child would bring about the end of Leticia’s evil reign.

Christina: Yeah, and after everything that has happened, do you still think this is true?

Charis: I have never had a false prophesy.

Christina: Hmm… well, what about my friends? Will everyone be okay? I love Shaw. What’s going to happen to him? What about Jonus and Beliza and Matthias and Markella?

Charis: My dear Christina, too much knowledge about the future is never safe. I think it is best if you simply let the events of the future unfold they way they are suppose to.

Christina: You do know that I have visions of the future too? I might be able to see what happens to my friends.

Charis: Oh yes and you must decide what to do with any knowledge the Creator decides to grant you. Our visions come from Him. He only lets us see what He wants us to see. You may find that you have knowledge you cannot share with someone you care for.

Christina: Well that’s great Charis and I was worried you’d be vague about things.

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