Thursday, 23 June 2011

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Christina Vaughn from Future Savior

It’s me again, Christina Vaughn. I hope you enjoyed my interview of Charis the prophet yesterday… because I didn’t. I love that women, but sometimes her cryptic ways can be downright infuriating! Today I’m talking with Shaw. Let’s see if this goes any better than yesterday.

Christina: So tell me Shaw, you have been my Watcher since the day I was born. What has been the most difficult thing about your job?

Shaw: Keeping my distance from you. As a Watcher I am suppose to protect your life, but not interfere. That became far more difficult when you left Pittsburgh and entered Meric.

Christina: I see, and you’re a shape shifter too. You can change your appearance to look like other people. How many different people have you been in the course of your life?

Shaw: Too many to count.

Christina: You once rescued the Elf prince Jonus from an enemy army and defeated more than a thousand soldiers to do it.
Would you care to talk about that?

Shaw: I don’t want to talk about that.

Christina: Oh… okay… well, I can’t help but notice that you are extremely fit and muscular. How much can you bench press?
Shaw: Well, I never maxed myself out on the bench press during my time in Pittsburgh, but I can say that I’ve been known to heave five hundred pound Leviathans off of me during battle.

Christina: Hmm… that’s impressive. Now, what about your parents? Can you tell me anything about them?

Shaw: I don’t remember my parents. I was sent to live with the Elves when I was young.

Christina: What about my dad, King Davis. Can you tell me anything about him?

Shaw: Not really. Can we talk about something else? I really don’t like discussing my past.

Christina: Sure thing, Shaw. We need to wrap this up anyway. Well… at least that was a bit better than when I talked to Charis!


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  1. Great interview- makes me want to know more