Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Author Spotlight - Nike Chillemi shares her thoughts about "The Lincoln Lawyer"

Matthew McConaughey stars as low-rent defense attorney Mickey Haller in the recently released The Lincoln Lawyer, taken from the bestselling novel of the same name written by Michael Connelly. I wanted to see the movie because I loved the book and also because Michael Connelly's writing has influenced me greatly as a writer of mysteries. The other reason was McConaughey is not hard to look at…oh, pluck my eyes out!

Mickey Haller, Esq. keeps body and soul together in the sprawl of Los Angeles working out of the back of his chauffeured car, an older Lincoln Continental kept in mint condition. His clientele is, shall we say, a tad less that reputable. Okay, they're mostly degenerates. So, when a chance comes along to defend a rich playboy accused of rape, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. Mickey soon figures out he's been set up and trapped in a twisted scenario where an innocent man may have gone to prison and a guilty one will go free. The only way to survive and right a wrong is to out weasel the weasel.

The movie adaptation was a good one, in my opinion. It didn't try to sanitize the story, but instead left in all the grit. Marisa Tomei brilliantly plays Mickey Haller's ex-wife, mother of his child, colleague, and now friend. William Macy portrays Haller's private investigator with a secret or two in his past. The movie is first rate about a less than perfect lawyer, playing all the angles trying to stay afloat in a dog-eat-dog world, who just might want to see right, not wealth and might, prevail.

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