Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Auhor Spotlight - Janis Lane talks about research - Part 2

GONE TO THE DOGS is a contemporary sequel to SANDPIPER AFFAIR which allows the reader to peek into the second stage of the romance between Abby and Adam. The setting was in middle Florida and it pleased me to write about some of my favorite southern food. Hope you enjoy the cat fish fry, but don't forget to eat your hush puppies with sweet pickles. The story was full of the nature that I love even as I ratcheted up the tension in places and created conflict between my favorite characters, Adam, the perfect man, and Abby, the wildlife photographer. Poor Abby mostly created her own interpersonal conflict.

I admit I had a bit of trouble with the camera angles. Even as I read and talked to people in the know, I was still uncertain whether my camera bits were sufficient. More research followed. This also involved a dip into the world of show dogs as Abby expanded her work to include pets and their masters. I learned a lot about pure bred dogs from writing and researching this story. Following behind Abby as she worked was interesting, but things got pretty exciting there at the end. You can guess why.

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