Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Author Spolight - Michelle Levigne talks about Tabor Heights Year Two

Happy New Year!

ACCIDENTAL HEARTS is the 12th book in Tabor Heights, and the final book in Year One, which coincides with the 12th month of the year. So in essence, this is New Year's Eve, and the book that comes out in December, INVITATION TO A WEDDING, is New Year's Day.

And just like on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day you have traditions, and you look forward to the new year and make plans and resolutions, INVITATION will give you just a tiny taste of what is going to happen in Year Two of the Tabor Heights books. People you've met and cheered for in the previous year/12 books will show up, and you'll hear about their weddings, changes in their lives, and resolutions of their stories. Some, like Officer Mike Nicholls, will be mentors to the heroes and heroines of the stories of Year Two.

We're going to have 2 collections of short stories in Year Two, both of them dealing with Butler-Williams University students. Some of them, as in the dorm sisters in A BOX OF PROMISES, aren't even looking for love, but somehow love -- or the potential for it, anyway -- finds them!

Just like Abby and Tyler in ACCIDENTAL HEARTS. They are so busy taking care of their families, helping their siblings and nieces and nephews, they aren't looking for something for themselves. But when God drops someone nearly on your head and says, "Hey, look what I've got for you!" well ... you gotta listen. And fight for that true love. Even if the entire world seems to be conspiring to keep you apart.
Just like Abby and Tyler.

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