Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Victoria:

Natalie Portman, inspiration
for "Victoria."

QUESTION: Victoria, How do you feel about having one of the most difficult years of your life shared with so many?

VICKI: Vicki, please. Has it really only been a year? It feels like so much longer. I guess that if someone else can benefit from my life it's okay.

QUESION: What was the most difficult thing this past year?

VICKI:(Vicki's eyes tear up.) Death is never easy to deal with, especially when you lose someone so close to you.

QUESTION: That was probably insensitive of me to ask. Let's change the subject. Do you have one piece of advice for other women who are re-entering the dating scene? Only one piece?

VICKI: Oh, if I had to only share one piece I guess it would be, 'be sure not to rely too heavily on first impressions.'

COMMENT: That's an odd piece of wisdom.

VICKI: No, not really. But if it is wisdom you are looking for, you should be asking someone other than me. It's really too bad you haven't benefitted from my friend, Janine's wisdom.

QUESTION: Maybe you could share a bit of Janine's wisdom with us.

VICKI: I'd be happy to. Even the darkest of days carries a promise of something good.

QUESTION:Since this is an Inspirational Romantic Suspense and you have inspired with sharing your wisdom, do you mind sharing the most romantic thing that has happened to you this year?

VICKI: Um, can I share the second most romantic thing? Of course. It happened just before Christmas. I remember because on one hand I was afraid but on the other, I just couldn't get enough. It was the first time he kissed me. Oh, I was so torn. I thought I was in love with another at the time. Christmas is such a romantic season.

QUESTION: Are you going to tell us who you kissed?

VICKI: No, I think I'll let you experience it with me as you read the book. (wink)




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