Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Author Spotlight - Having Fun with writing Dark Days of Promise

Writing blog posts - they are at times my worst menace and at others my greatest triumph of the moment. They are almost as much of a challenge as writing a tight query, and certainly worse than that first page of a new novel. Have fun, you say -- and well, my mind darts to the fun scenes in Dark Days of Promise.

Fun- learning how to write a Sizzling Kiss and yeah, my first good written kiss is in the pages of Dark Days of Promise for the reader. You try dissecting your most recent kiss that made your heart go pitter-pat and you loins burn. Oh yeah. Research for that was fun too!

Not so fun - having to tone the kiss down sufficiently for the innocent reader and still make it sizzle.
Fun - remembering the best snowball fights of my life, reliving them, putting them on the page and making them better. Yeah, that was fun.

Not fun, but funny - watching my children's seven foot tall snowman wilt under the local rainfall hours after it was finished. We shed a tear or two over that one.

Fun - Digging up every darling memory of little girls to create the sassy little Krista. It just isn't complete without her interaction with Janine. Janine is the neighbor, best friend, mother, and grandmother. She is my own mother, a few of my aunts, my piano teacher, and my grandmother all rolled into one. How can you not love that woman? And no, I can't play the piano!

Not fun - Christmas, as it unravels.

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  1. Snow. Snow. Come out in the snow. Do you like it in your face? Yes! I like it any place.
    So begins one of my favorite kid's books to read. In that story, Ned the snowman also meets a quick end when the sun comes out.
    Thanks for stirring up the memories. But now I'm wondering what happens at Christmas in Dark Days of Promise....

  2. Hopefully the novel will stir up more memories of fun, romance and suspense.