Thursday, 27 September 2012

Author Spotlight - Kathleen Ball talks about suffering for her craft

When I wrote my first couple of novels, I had ever been near a horse. I bought many books about them. There certainly are many different breeds. Really, what did I know? I'd read tons of westerns but I never really appreciated the relationship between the characters and the horses.

Everyone knows that the horse is a cowboy's best friend, but until you actually have a horse study you with its big brown eyes that you get it. These magnificent creatures each have their own personality. At the stable, they have a pecking order. Some form relationships and follow each other around and there is that one mare that everyone hates to be around. Yes, they can be bossy.
My Daughter-in -law Brittany loves horses. She purchased a rescue horse named Dash. He's chestnut in color and very tall. He looks more like a thoroughbred but he's a quaterhorse. You would think that being the biggest horse, he'd be in the front of the pecking order. Dash didn't seem to know that he was the biggest. Eventually they took a liking to him and he now has many friends including a donkey and two goats.

I learned how to wash and brush Dash. He'd head butt me and put his head over my shoulder. It was time to learn to ride, not Dash though. Brittany rode Dash and I rode Pina Colada a much shorter white horse. I was fine with short.
We went trail riding. It took me a while to get Pina to go. I didn't want to hurt her but I guess I didn’t kick her sides hard enough. Finally, we were on our way. I was excited and nervous. We didn't get very far before Pina decided to stop and eat. The tall grass enticed her. Brittany yelled to pull her head up. I tried but again I didn't want to hurt her. She knew-- I know Pina knew I was a new rider. Eventually she was off following DashMy son Steven was riding behind me, and his horse decided it would be fun to keep biting Pina. Brittany kept telling me to let go of the saddle horn and just hold the reins. Well I could do both at once and there was no way I was going to let go. The woods and lake were beautiful.

I thoroughly enjoyed the outing. We headed back and I thought I'm going to do this next weekend. We got back to the horse trailer. To get on the horse there are steps. Getting down you're on your own. No hunky cowboy showed up to lift me down.

Brittany held the reins and explained what I was supposed to do. I swung my right leg around and I guess I was supposed to take the left foot out of the stirrup and gently and gracefully slide down. That didn't happen. I didn't take my left foot out of the stirrup and if it hadn't been for Brittany, I would have been flat on my back under Pina.
Dash, Brittany, Colt and Steven

I pulled my hip. Six weeks before it healed. The nice weather is starting here in Texas and I can't wait to go horseback riding.

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  1. That was a cute story, Kathleen. You made me laugh. I love horses. We had one horse and a pony when I was young, but the barn closed down and we had to get rid of it. I was too young to ride ali e back then, but I've always yearned to ride. Horses are my favorite animal.
    Great post!

  2. I do have to make a correction- Dash is a Bay not a Chestnut- still learning

  3. Ouch! When you got to the dismounting part of your story, I was actually worrying about your knee... My knees are my weak point. But a hip would hurt a lot, too! Enjoy the pleasant riding weather. :)

  4. Lol, nice At least your horse didn't bite you my mom had one that bit her stomach.