Friday, 10 December 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Excerpt from Precious Things


To qualify for the giveaway, here's what you have to do. Read the excerpt and leave a comment. Winner will be picked on MON 13 DEC. What does the winner get? Your choice copy of: Something Better, Precious Things, Someone to Watch over me, Any Phoenix Rebellion book (I recommend Outcasts!!) or Borealis I. Basicly, any Gail Delaney book.

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Enjoy this excerpt from Precious Things:

A slight touch against her spine made her jump, and she turned into Benjamin as he laid his palm flat on her back. She smiled when he stepped closer and leaned his other arm on the edge of the bar where she stood. Not for the first time that evening, Jewell felt the slow infusion of heat just below the surface of her skin when he turned his devastating gaze on her and one corner of his mouth ticked up in a small grin.

"I was beginning to wonder where you went," she said softly, relieved that she didn't need to speak any louder to be heard over the din. His attention shifted down to her mouth, and it was all she could do not to lick her lips. Her senses had been on overdrive since they arrived. No, since he picked her up at the apartment. He'd told her on the way that he would prefer to keep the signing to a minimum if possible, which she thought odd since she'd understood her purpose at the event was to interpret.
But, if not signing had him standing closer and looking at her the way he did... she was fine with that.

"Drew Kapchik cornered me by the potted ferns," he said with another quick tick of his grin. "He's been trying to get on my team for the last nine months. He wants an excuse to quit Legacy Funds."

"You escaped..." she smiled.

"I told him I had a beautiful woman waiting for me."

Heat bloomed in her cheeks and Benjamin smiled wider. He slid his hand from her back, letting his fingers trace the underside of her arm until he took her hand in his. "Would you like to dance?"

Jewell raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"I am not without my secret talents."

She tilted her head with a smile and let him lead her to the small area cleared in the center of the room where no more than half a dozen other couples danced to the slow waltz. When they reached a clear space, Benjamin raised her hand above her head and she spun, the chocolate silk of her dress swirling around her legs. When she came around to face him again he drew her against him, his bent right arm angling behind her back so her left hand rested on his shoulder. He took her other hand and pressed it to his chest, holding it in place beneath his warm palm.

"What kind of music are they playing?" he asked, looking down at her as they stood still amongst the dancing couples.

"A waltz."
"Waltz... we dance on the three, right?"

Jewell nodded, but couldn't figure out his intention. More than once, Benjamin had surprised her with his capacity for adaptation. His lip reading was near perfect, and his speech -- for someone with total hearing loss -- was not only impressively clear, but expressive and varied. He understood the concept of whispering, of shouting, and of dropping the tone of his voice to a seductive hum that danced over her skin. But dancing?

"Give me the beat." Benjamin shifted his hand over hers and tapped his fingers against hers in a steady rhythm. "Understand?"
Jewell nodded and closed her eyes, listening to the lilting music for a few bars. With the next measure, she tapped the rhythm on his shoulder where her hand rested. One-Two-Three. One-Two-Three. Then Benjamin stepped, and as simply as that they were dancing.

She opened her eyes, and her breath caught at the warm way he watched her. His lips had only the slightest bow as he turned her around the floor. She almost forgot to keep up with the beat, giving him the taps he needed to stay in step.
"Everyone is watching us," he said low, tipping his head toward her. "They're wondering how I got to be so lucky."


  1. I'd love to be entered into the drawing! You can never read too many great stories. :)

  2. Gail,

    I love the excerpt, but all your books are good

    I love to read your writing.

    Walk in harmony,


  3. It's goodie time! Gosh, I wish you could both could win a prize! I pulled Melinda's name out of the hat! Congrats to Melinda and I'll get with Gail on making arrangement for your prize!

    Moderator Steph