Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Author Spotlight Week - P.I. Barrington shares her passion for writing futuristic/speculative romance

There are several reasons I enjoy writing in futuristic genre. First and foremost it's very liberating in a sense. I'm free to experiment, invent, and toss out the general rules and regulations of both technology and society. I can have my characters do things that would get them arrested in current society but are acceptable in the stories. I can make up technology as I did in the Future Imperfect series that has the ring of truth and as I'd like to see it operate, especially with medical machinery. I can work with both existing theory and hypothetical theory (in all areas from philosophy to technological ideas), sometimes twisting them separately and intertwining them at other times and most challenging of all is to make one logically progress into the other. I know it sounds like a bunch of gobbledegook but I am a sci fi geek after all, lol! Actually some of the techie stuff I create is loosely based on things that exist now like my Ghoster in Final Deceit. But you have to be careful with futuristic. You can't get carried away with creating too much technology because then you're crossing over into full on sci fi sometimes to the detriment of the story.

Another reason I love futuristic genre' writing is that people can still be people and relatable which is what makes a good story in the first place. Characters can still face ethical and or moral crisis and probably even more in a futuristic setting. Are the advantages of technology worth the possible negatives like possible death? Is a machine worth a human life? That's the major theme and question of Future Imperfect's Book Two: Miraculous Deception. Is the end really justified by the means? That's character development right there.

But probably my favorite thing about futuristic is that I get to make people break the law outrageously and get away with it for good or bad! My cops can violate laws to get their man or woman regardless the ethical questions of how they do it and my bad guys can wreak as much havoc and vice as they want, because the laws for citizens have been weakened or done away with completely, especially in a dystopian future.

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  1. I can't wait to read this third book in the series! I'm afraid it's going to have to jump to the No. 1 spot on the TBR pile.