Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Gail Delaney talks about writing contemporary romance

Actually, I haven't considered myself a writer of contemporary romance for many years. If I wanted to categorize myself, I would say I am a writer of speculative fiction that sometimes dabbles in contemporary and suspense.

Mind you, I began in contemporary romance. It was pretty much all I'd read at that point. My cousin used to snag her mother's thick bodice ripper historical romances and we'd read them together, but I didn't get into them as much as she did. Then I read a Sandra Brown book, followed by a Kathleen Eagle book, followed by Catherine Anderson… and not only did I fall in love with contemporary romance but romance in general.

So, when I decided to write my first book for publication, I wrote a contemporary; a bad one that is still sitting on my hard drive waiting to be redone. Then I wrote another (Precious Things being released this month), and another (Dance With Me) and another (Tender Hearts) before I tried my hand at suspense and eventually science fiction. At one time I thought I was 'so over' the contemporary romance thing… until last year, when I wrote Something Better. As much as I thought I was 'done', when the right story hits you, it hits you. Sometimes right between the eyes.

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