Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Tina Pinson shares her favorite movies

Like most people, I have a few movies that I can watch over and over again, just ask my husband. Although, he has a few, too. But I would have to say Calamity Jane with Doris Day would have to right up there at the top of my list. (with Emma, Pride and Prejudice the newer version and so on). I mentioned before that I wanted to be the next Doris Day. (Of course, that didn't happen.) I like to watch her movies. And Calamity Jane is fun to watch. Indian Scout Calamity Jane (Doris Day) is a whip-cracking, stagecoach driving, buckskin wearing Tomboy. She wants to be tough but she has a bit of a soft spot for Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, played by Phillip Carey. Actually she's kind of hard up to get his love and she's gonna get him whether he likes it or not. When the saloon doesn't get the act, Adelaid Adams, they hoped for, Calamity heads east to kidnap Adelaid Adams and bring her back to Deadwood. She inadvertently brings back, Katie Brown, Adelaid Adams assistant and the wrong woman. And ends up having to fight harder for the affections of Lt. Gilmartin who has eyes for the new singer who's come town. Calamity get jealous because the Lt. likes Katie when he's never liked her, and decides to send Katie packing. She almost succeeds, but through a series of comical misunderstandings Calamity realizes she's in love with Wild Bill Hickok played by Howard Keel. I liked him better anyway.


  1. Tina,
    I LOVE Howard Keel. I have Kiss Me, Kate with him. Lovely actor and grea voice. I'd love to see Calamity Jane!


  2. I remember this one!! Such fun! Jillian

  3. Wasn't Doris Day beautiful, spunky, yet graceful woman. I loved all the movies she featured in.

    Great choice!

  4. Dear Tina, this is such a great post - but - Howard Keel! Add me to the fan club w/ Steph, he's a real slice of Americana! But you, Tina, seriously, your book is fantastic. Great job. Hugs, Regina