Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Tina Pinson shares her passion for Inspirationals

I write inspirational, because I thoroughly believe my love of words and imagination are a gift from God. I realize that may sound hokey to a lot of people. But that's what I was taught. I believe we are all endowed with gifts and talents to use for him. I believe I am here for this time and moment because of God's plan for my life. I believe God created art and music, and stories in the first place for our pleasure and for us to use for his. I may not be a painter with oils or paints like the great artists Renoir or Monet (although I could probably do a Picasso, LOL) but I'm certain my words paint a picture. I just hope they paint a picture that touches people's lives. I want my stories to instill hope. I realize that I only write stories, but stories stem from real life many a time. Touched By Mercy certainly does. Maybe reading it will help someone walk through their pain to life again. Just as it helped me to write it. And I hope my words and the stories I tell, direct people to God and leave an imprint of him on their hearts long after my story has been forgotten.