Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Barri Bryan shares her favorite TV shows

I don’t have a favorite TV show. I do have some favorite TV channels. I love the Turner Classic Movies channel. I especially like old ‘30s and 40s movies. I know that they’re always dated, sometimes sappy, and often politically incorrect, but I love them just the same. I am a big fan of Bette Davis movies. I also like Ann Harding and Merle Oberon. I have had a crush on Clark Gable since I was eight years old and saw him in a movie titled It Happened One Night. I absolutely love old 30s and 40s musicals, especially those that star Alice Faye, Judy Garland, or Ginger Rogers.

If I don’t care for the movie that is showing, I turn to the Cooking Channel. I like to watch Paula Deen cook all those delicious recipes that are loaded with butter or mayonnaise, or both. I like to watch Rachel Raye cook too. If there is nothing I care to watch, on either of these channels, I turn to a news channel. If the news is too depressing, I turn the off button and read a book.

I have recently begun watching old reruns of Star Trek with my grandson, who is a big Trekkie fan. And I must say that even though I didn’t think at first that I would like them, I find I’ve become a fan too.

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