Thursday, 10 March 2011

Author Spotlight Week -Regina Andrews shares her favorite book

What a great question, thank you for asking! But to answer that question is a real paradox. I would have to say the era of Nathaniel Hawthorne, in the 1850’s is my real fave! This was a time of great artistic and literary enlightenment in the US, particularly in the Northeast. In fact my heroine in “In Good Faith” (2009 Awe-Struck is named Haley Hawthorne.

But above it all for naming my favorite author, I have to go back to the Bible. Now I know that’s not one author, - we are listening to many voices, all of one heart. And that’s what I love!

I have a Bible, it was my father's, not, mine, and I treasure it more than anything. I remember him on his knees every night before we went to sleep, deep in prayer, and this Bible was always by his side. There was never a question I had that he couldn't address, relating it somehow to the Bible in a kind and loving way. He was always understanding. It was always a message of love, and happiness and acceptance.

And believe me, his life was not easy. But he gloried in God's love, and loved his family and my mother and us (kids) more than anything. To think that he found solace in the Word of God makes me live every day with this same awareness and humility – in His service.

As an author, it’s important to me that the context of our work is as understood as the words we are conveying. So the ‘authorship’ question is really interesting! To me, it’s a real source of glory that not just one voice could ever convey the human experience: just like a choir needs bass, tenor, alto and soprano to make the music whole, God included more than one voice for us all to be able to hear His message in this wonderful work of Literature.


  1. Hi Steph!

    Thanks again for having me. Hope it was okay I said more than one book, lol, we are writers after all, right?

    I'd love to hear books that other writers choose as among their favorites!


  2. REGINA- how many books have you published lately??It seems like alot.I guess you are a very popular author on the e books circut.Please keep up the nice efforts,etc.

  3. REGINA-it was very nice to read the story about your father,i enjoy human interest stories such as that one.Thank you for sharing that very personal story. It is very nice to think about the important things like that. REGARDS

  4. I'm glad you had such a Christian father while growing up. My mother read daily from her Bible and Upper Room. My father couldn't read but he always showed his love for God. I can't say which book is my favorite. Different ones made a lasting impression on me and I've enjoyed reading lots of authors.