Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Flowers by Melanie Atkins

Spring has sprung. At least, it has here in the Deep South. I love it! The fruit trees are flowering, leaves are filling out the hardwoods, and the azaleas are blazing with pink flames. We had whale of a storm a couple of weeks ago, and now the air is filled with pollen. I've had a time with it this year. My white car has a yellow tint – and so does my white cat after rolling around in the layer of the stuff on the back porch. My nose has been dripping, and for a while I couldn't stop sneezing. Thank heavens for antihistamines!

Thanks to the gorgeous weather, I already have Spring Fever – a strange ailment I get every year. I love to hang out on the porch and enjoy the warm, fresh air, so I write and edit out there. It's time for me to start another book… and that means work, work, work. But I’m ready for it. I’ve been editing a lot, and now it’s time to start something new. Can you think of a better way to spend the spring?

Check out my latest Desert Breeze release, UNWILLLING ACCOMPLICE. In this story, Marcy Moretti believes that anyone can be redeemed, until she witnesses a murder at the hands of her ex-husband and is forced to go on the run with her young son in order to survive. The only person who can help her is Joe Riso, her former brother-in-law, a detective staggered by the loss of his wife and daughter. If he's going to protect both Marcy and her boy, he must first find a way to unfreeze his icy heart -- and along the way find his own redemption.

In April, I have yet another title coming out – the first book in my new Keller County Cops Series, MARKED FOR MURDER. In this book, Detective Jonah McKee is forced to juggle caring for his rowdy three year-old son and protecting a beautiful amnesia victim who was targeted by a vicious serial murderer… or was she? Brooke Wilson finally remembers her own name -- and the name of the man trying to kill her -- and the terrifying memory sends her on the run again. Jonah is forced to hide his son and go with her in order to protect her, and along the way they fall in love.

And in June... PERFECT PARTNER, the last book in my New Orleans Detective series, will be released. Wahoo!


  1. Oh, Melanie, I wish we were further south. Our magnolias and Bradford pear just started blooming when Jack Frost came back bringing snow showers all weekend.

  2. Wow. It's 81 here today. The pollen is killing me.