Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Featured March 2011 Release - Changeless as the Heavens by Barri Bryan


For three years Cara Williams's husband has been missing in action and presumed dead. She¿s moved on with her life to form new relationships and make new commitments. As World War Two draws to a close, she is shocked to learn that her husband is not only very much alive, he's coming home.

How does she justify to him that she has turned his old homestead into a business site? How can she explain that she now has a darling little toddler who calls her Mommie? What does she tell him about her relationship with his cousin Evan? Most of all how does she deal with the resurrection of emotions and passion she had thought dead and long since buried?

Can it be that Rand is alive?

Cara Williams sat in the back seat of a military staff car and stared at the passing autumn landscape. Leaves were falling from the post oaks. Birds collected along fence rows, gathering for their flight south. Ahead and to the left junk yards came into view.

Three years ago -- had it been only three years? It seemed like a lifetime -- on a day not unlike this one, she'd received that terrible telegram that read: We regret to inform you. Her husband was missing in action and presumed dead. Now, the army was telling her that he was waiting for her at Fort Sam Houston? This has to be a mistake.

Colonel Daniels, the military liaison who had brought those tidings to her earlier in the day, addressed the driver who sat next to him. "Turn left at the next intersection."

The young soldier nodded, "Yes, sir."

Colonel Daniels shifted in his seat to face Cara. "We're nearing Fort Sam."

The longer Cara was in this man's presence, the more she disliked him. "So?"

"So you will soon be reunited with your husband. Do you have any questions?"

Cara had many questions, but none Colonel Daniels could answer. "I can't think of a thing."

"You're not curious about where he's been or what he's been doing for the past four years?" Of course, she was curious. She was also doubtful. "Are you sure the man at Fort Sam is Randall Williams?"

"We're sure." The colonel dropped his brisk military manner. "That doesn't mean he's the same man who left you four years ago. I trust you will bear that in mind when you see him."

"Rand was my husband. I can cope."

Barri Bryan is the pen name for Billie Houston. I acquired a pseudonym at the behest of my adult children when they discovered a steamy excerpt from one of my romances at the web site of a publisher.

I am a former teacher and educator. I like poetry, George Strait's music, old movies and Earl Grey tea. My hobbies are reading, quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, taking long walks, and growing house plants and herbs.

I'm four-time EPPIE winner and a published author with over twenty novels, four books of poetry, numerous essays, several short stories, and one non-fiction how-to-write-book to my credit. I have been writing since 1990. My first romance was published in 1998. I write the kind of books I enjoy reading --- romantic tales about relationships; stories that explore feelings and probe emotions. The plots revolve around ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances and faced with difficult decisions.

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