Thursday, 17 March 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Barri Bryan shares one of her favorite books

When I got my Kindle, I decided to read some of the older romance novels. I knew next-to-nothing about the authors of the late nineteenth the early twentieth century. I have had a great time reading some of the romances of that era. The last book I read was titled The Judge. It was written my Rebecca West. I didn’t know it at the time, but Ms. West was a very popular author in her day. She was also a very controversial figure. I had read her first novel titled The Return of the Soldier and I loved it. It made me rethink the whole concept of romantic love.

The Judge is too long, too wordy, has too many flashbacks, and is told from too many points of view. It lacks that happy ending that, for me, is a must in a romantic story. Despite all the obstacles that I perceived as flaws, I enjoyed the book. The story has an intriguing plot. The hero, from one point of view, is dashing, handsome, and accomplished. From another point of view, I’m not sure the poor boy doesn’t suffer from an Oedipus complex. The heroine is pure, sweet and alternately na├»ve and wise beyond her years. The mother in the story is a complete enigma. I, in turn, liked her, hated her, felt pity for her, and wanted to give her a good kick in the rear. Too often I didn’t understand her motives or her actions. Some of the dialogue borders on the ridiculous. Would I recommend the book? I would, it’s interesting and it’s different, and if you don’t like it you haven’t wasted anything but your time. It’s a free Kindle download.

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