Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Regina Andrews shares her passion for writing Inspirationals

Writing inspirationals, is, I think, an outgrowth of my wonderful childhood and background. In that context, we always found a ‘happy ending’ together as a family unit with a heart filled with faith.

That being said, most of what I address is based, somehow, in personal experience. I do believe in ‘write what you know.' It would be hard to write about something that I'm not passionate about; so any of my themes - poverty, Alzheimer's, greeting cards, nurses -would have to mean something to me.

I have a manuscript about families dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. I was honored and blessed to stay home with my mother for over six years when she had dementia, and I know what caregivers go through. I would like to do that. Also, I would like to write about my experience with breast cancer. But that's two topics, and only a tangent to your question about being an inspirational writer.

Thank you for asking about being an inspirational writer, because I have always wanted to be able to share a mission of God's love through writing uplifting, inspiring books in His honor. It's so basic, to me -- to gladden people through reading, and to bring the Word of God to their lives in another way, and to reinforce the love of God in their hearts. How come there's so much unhappiness? It seems like there's a vast expanse waiting to be brightened!

Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of being an “IW” is that you never know where the path will take you – as a writer or as someone who, as a writer, might have brightened someone else’s world. We might never know, but wow, how fabulous is that to contemplate? ;-)


  1. Hi again!

    It's always great to hear about a writer's journey. The path that led me to DBP is a long one and I never anticipated finding such happiness! Thanks, DBP, for being my "pot of gold".


  2. Sorry I'm late. Been under the weather. This is such a beautiful post, Regina! Thank you for your directness in sharing about why you became an inspirational writer. You definitely made the right choice!