Thursday, 14 April 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Linda Swift shares her favorite author

Author Maeve Binchy

My favorite author is Maeve Binchy of Ireland and Lavyrle Spencer is a close second. My favorite Binchy books are Tara Road and Circle of Friends. Favorites from Spencer are Bygones and Then Came Heaven. I've tried to analyze why these two authors remain my favorites of all authors I have read, and there are many through the years. I have concluded that it is their style, which defines every book they write.

There is no doubt these authors have found and maintained their "voice." Their stories, no matter the setting, plot, or characters, never disappoint. They write about "real" people whose feelings and problems I can relate to. Their stories are complex but never confusing. The story moves at a slow pace, but never drags. They present a plot and characters in a setting I can see clearly in my mind and when they set the story in motion it will lead to a logical conclusion. The ending may not be happy but it will be the conclusion that was necessary based on all that went before. In other words, it will mirror life which reflects great happiness but also grief. Their books are long for the most part, and I look forward to beginning a new one, and feel bereft when I near the end. For I always come to be a part of the book and I think about it long after I reach the conclusion on the page. So my goal is to write stories like these two authors that will touch a reader's heart the way their books touch mine.


  1. Hi Linda,

    I haven't read Maeve Binchy but have heard of her, of course. LaVyrle Spencer is one of my favorite authors - I've even read some of her books more than once!

  2. hi i like the blurb and then the cover is great and i think the books will do good for you love to read it