Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Author Spotlight Week -Melanie Atkins talks about her ebook reader

I have a Nook (Barnes and Nobles' e-reader), and I love it. My favorite feature is the e-reader's ability to increase the font, so I can read on the treadmill and the bike at the gym without going blind. I also love the ease of buying books, turning a page with a flick of my finger, and the quick downloads. My Nook is an older model, but it still works great. When I get a little extra dough, I plan to buy a new Nook so I can download those colorful Dr. Seuss books for my grandbaby. Right now, I have a couple of them on my iPhone, but I'd love to have them on a larger device.

E-readers are here to stay. I write and read e-books... and I hope their popularity continues to grow!

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  1. I'm hoping to get an ebook reader for my birthday. My husband should know I want one, I've been hinting about it since Christmas.