Thursday, 28 April 2011

Author Spotlight Week -Melanie Atkins talks about her favorite "spot"

My favorite spot is right in my own backyard. Yes, at my home. My back porch, to be exact. I live in the Deep South, where winters are relatively mild and summers are blazing hot, and I relish the time I can spend out there before that heat arrives. I have plants, including hanging baskets, scattered around, and I love to sit and write (I bought a small laptop table just for this purpose), and watch my cats aggravate each other. I live on a cul-de-sac, so they are free to roam about the yard. None of them venture too far, thank goodness, and we have fun together. I also have a couple of hummingbirds that venture to my feeder, and they're a blast to watch, too.

So you can find me on my back porch most days that I have time to write and/or edit in the spring, early summer, and fall. But July, August, and the first few weeks of September? Not happening -- and I even have a fan out there. Is it writing time yet?


  1. Melanie, Dorothy Gale has nothing on you - and I agree, there IS no place like home. Except for the fact that I absolutely heart winter and lots of snow, your place sounds beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Sophie Cuffe

  2. I love your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing, Melanie!

  3. Love the kitty and the bird. Beautiful pictures. Blessings, BJ