Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Author Spotlight Week -Melanie Atkins shares her passion for Romantic Suspense

I write suspense because I love to read it. I crave that edge of your seat, heart pounding breathlessness that prickles my skin, ices my blood, and keeps me turning pages. I want my books to affect people like that.

My biggest influences are Lisa Gardner, Linda Howard, and John Sandford. All of them write delicious, in-your-face suspense that effects me deeply. I always snap up their books as soon as they come out. I read them on my Nook now, but still... I love the twists and turns Lisa gives us with her FBI series, Linda's determined heroines, and John's sexy Lucas Davenport. He might be married, but he still pushes my buttons.

A great read always stays with me, and I want people to recall scenes in my stories in just that way. The more suspenseful, the better.

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