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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "Aboard The Wishing Star"

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Enjoy the Excerpt!
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Calypso music played as the ship eased out of the dock heading for open seas. She could see another ship in the distance, and a third a bit farther out, one following the other like ducks in a row. She was so busy watching, lost in thought she didn't notice Nate until he spoke.

"Alone at last." Nate's voice was resonant and sensual, and his words wrapped around Kara as she turned to look at him. He winked at her, climbed into the hot tub, and then sat, leaning his powerful, well-muscled body back against the hot tub. "Did they find your luggage yet?"

She tried not to stare at Nate's bare chest. "No."

"It could be down below clearing customs even as we speak."

"I hope so."

He glanced at her swimsuit.

The swimsuit that fit her all too snug.

"At least you have a swimsuit. What else do you need on a cruise?" He winked.

"Well perhaps a nice dress to wear to dinner."

"I'm sure your luggage will turn up soon."

"I hope so."

"So, we're sailing on the Wishing Star. Have you made a wish yet?"

Was he psychic?

She wouldn't admit she'd wished to see him again tonight.

"I made a wish. But I can't tell you what my wish is."

"Because you're afraid it might not come true?"

"No." She smiled.

"I'll tell you mine later if it comes true."

"I hope you get your wish."

"And I hope you get every one of yours."

He couldn't know she was full of unfulfilled wishes.

If she were honest with herself, she'd been making wishes for the past month. Whispered wishes in the dark. "I hope so too."

Viv came back with two pina coladas, took one look at Nate, and practically purred. "Well, hello again."

"Hello," he responded with a polite smile as she handed Kara a drink. He returned his full attention to Kara, his gaze interested and warm "Kara and I were just talking about wishes."

"Well, tell her to hurry up and make one or she's going to miss out. She doesn't listen to me."

"I suspect she's already made her wish." He smiled.

Kara returned his smile. It was nice having him take up for her.




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