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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "That Impossible Dream"

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Enjoy the excerpt!
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She waved a hand to stop him. "Please...don't explain anything. I've already made up my mind anyway. I shall work as your hired governess, Mr. McKenna."

His eyes widened. "But didn’t you think, or assume...I mean, should I not explain?"

At this point, she was not ready to hear what he might have to say. It would only make matters worse. She lifted her cane again, and held it in front of her, so he might get a good hard look at what she needed to get herself around each day. It was what her stepfather carved on it which was most important to her.

"I suppose if you think I'm suitable enough at least for governing a child, Mr. McKenna, then, no, there's nothing to explain right now. After all, what else am I good for? Hmm?"

She glared at him obstinately then turned toward the window, immediately embarrassed at what she just said. After closing her eyes briefly, Geraldine veered back. She shook her head and glanced over at Erin then back at him. "I apologize for that. What I just said was terribly rude. What I meant to say was--" What exactly had she meant to say?

Still she had to add one more jab. "I wonder if this is the time to be discussing my frailties and my inconveniences, especially since I've learned you disapprove of me as much as your brothers did."

He gave her a look of shock. "Disapprove? What made you think...hardly do I--" He stared at her in silence. Finally, he finished. "I was going to explain."

She held up a hand to stop him, fixing her eyes on her skirt. "I've already informed my uncle I'd do this." She lifted her chin. "You see, I want no part of any union with you, sir -- not with any McKenna male. Marriage into your family couldn’t be further from my mind."

He looked stunned. "My grandmother suggested otherwise, Geraldine."

Twisting away and returning to her chair, she pretended to make herself more comfortable. "Whatever your grandmother or my aunt inferred, well, you no longer need to assume it's so. I have clearly changed my mind." Of course, when she said she had no interest in marrying Shaun Alistair McKenna, it was not exactly true -- okay, not at all true. Geraldine crossed her arms, angry with herself once again. She knew deep down, way deep down, she in no manner wanted to let go of the vision she alone held of herself and Alistair together. In truth, she did not want to think about Alistair in any way other than as a dear friend and potential husband. When she dreamed, she would have to make certain it happened only rarely from this point on. There was no reason he need know what might accidentally wander through her thoughts.

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