Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Spotlight: The Award Winning Budapest Moon Series

Most Unique/Unusual Romance Setting 2011 – Hope Chest Reviews

2011 SILVER Award Winner Reader's Favorite Contest, Romance: Sci-Fi/Fantasy – "The Count's Lair"

2012 FINALIST Reader's Favorite Contest, Romance: Sci-Fi/Fantasy – "Danube in Candlelight"

The wolves in the Budapest Moon series find themselves trapped between the modern world and the dictates of the old myths which come from being a wolf.

In BOOK 1, "The Hungarian," Matthias Duma finds himself in England so his daughter can get to know her grandparents. He struggles with his condition, and discovers it's not easy to conceal the fact he's a wolf from the world. When he meets Katherine Archibald, she challenges him, stimulates him, and breaks through the battlements surrounding his heart. Dare he fall in love again? The novel is set in 1901 in England and Budapest.

"I highly recommend The Hungarian, even if you aren't that interested in the paranormal such as werewolves. The romantic tale of The Hungarian is enough to win over anyone." - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5 Hearts


In BOOK 2, "The Count's Lair," Anton Varga can't deny the attraction he feels for Lady Amelia Andrassy. She drives away the loneliness that surrounds his heart. Fearing she won't believe his secret, (he's a wolf) he gives her 3 clues. Can Amelia accept Anton for what he is? The novel is set in 1901-2 during Christmas in Budapest.

"This is one of the best werewolf books I have ever read. Stephanie Burkhart gives a great view of the 18th Century Catholic Church and Werewolf relationship, as well as going into more detail about the attributes of werewolves. If you enjoy the Werewolf legends, or just romantic relationships, The Count's Lair is a wonderful read." - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5 Hearts


BOOK 3, "Danube in Candlelight," is set in 1922 just after World War I. Morgan Duma returns to Budapest after living in England with relatives. The daughter of a wolf, her unusual eyes and lupine characteristics set her apart from other women. Morgan becomes a nurse, but her mother's severe injuries and her father's secret drive her down a reckless path which werewolf Zoltan Kristos takes advantage of. He turns Morgan. Is the love Morgan shares with Adam strong enough to withstand the challenges of her lupine's condition?

"Once again, Stephanie Burkhart has touched my imagination and with her writing brings 1922 Hungary to life. Danube in Candlelight is a very romantic, yet spicy read. This is a must read if you enjoy the paranormal werewolf stories or even if you merely enjoy a great romance." – Sizzling Hot Book Reviews



BOOK 4 in the series, "The Secret Door" will be available in FEB 2013. Set in 1927, the story takes place between Sopron, Miskolc, and Budapest. Zoltan Kristos falls hard for Anton Varga's daughter, Sophia. When Zoltan is pursued by a reckless wolf, Sophia comes to his aid. Can love bloom in a garden full of secrets and denials?

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  1. Those are some great awards, Steph! Congratulations. I love your Moonlight series.

  2. Thanks Maggie. :)

  3. Used to pass out Halloween treats...now a little treat baking if I get home before dark and then a good Halloween story (book or movie).