Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Author Spotlight - Linda McMaken shares the cast of "Baer Necessities"

Meet the cast of Baer Necessities:

The Three Baers - Joe, Connor and Matt Baer. They live on the Hidden Rock Ranch, well, not all of them. Joe loves the ranch and lives there, Matt is sort of finding his way around the Baers, and Connor, he left the ranch to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Baer Necessities is Connor's story. Called back home when Joe is critically injured in a bull riding event, he hangs around to help out. When things are back to normal, he longs to head back to Seattle and a job as a geologist that takes him around the world, far from the ranch fences. Although, after he runs into a former high school friend, Jessie McIvey, he isn't so sure anymore.

Jessie McIvey left home right after graduation, headed to college, earned a degree in archeology and she too has traveled the world. Growing up with cowboys left her longing for a different kind of man, a refined, well-read man -- no cowboys for this girl.

As a nasty neighbor rancher with a vendetta against the Baers starts making trouble of the legal kind, they stay to help. Although they are at bitter odds over how to help. The stealing of a satellite, (they just borrowed it), water rights, and legendary Wyoming mud are all standing in their way.

---Sometimes the things we yearn for the most, have been right in our back yard all along. --

Booktrailers - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BuDECZsZrg - Baer Necessities
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaA8p65oOeo - Baer Truth

Linda McMaken

BAER TRUTH - Book One of the Three Baer's Trilogy
-One of them will be just right for you!
From Desert Breeze Publishing

Ancient Rome, epic battles, endangered hearts
From Desert Breeze Publishing


  1. I enjoyed both your Baer books so far and will look forward to the next. Great characters and you have a sense of fun that infuses humor in all the right places, along with the sizzle of attraction all set against Wyoming culture. Great books!

  2. Hey Lynette! Thank you so much for the wonderful words about my books! ((())) consider that a cyber-hug.

  3. I can't wait to start this book. I loved the first one, so I am looking forward to another Baer man!