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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "Baer Necessities"

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Baer Necessities - Book Two of The Three Baers

One of them will be just right.

Connor Baer left the ranch to see the world.

Jessie McIvey wasn't far behind.

He wanted no part of small town life, and she didn't want a cowboy in her future.

But sometimes the thing your heart wants the most, you've had all along. Two people left one small town to find what their hearts were searching for only to find everything they'd ever wanted right in their own backyard.

As he drove toward the wide spot in the road known as Sentinel, Wyoming, he found his Jeep pulling into McIvey's Café parking lot.

Strange, he wasn't really hungry.

A little, lime-green, hybrid zipped into the spot next to him. The license plate said Colorado. A dozen strands of beads and a peace sign hung around the rearview mirror. Greenpeace and Eat Vegetarian stickers plastered on the rear window.

The man inside the hybrid gave Connor a nod as he got out of the car and followed him inside the café.

George McIvey smiled.

"Hi Connor, what can I get you?" He walked to the counter. George never changed. He still had the same military buzz cut, although it had gotten grayer. He still wore the same white apron, same flannel shirt underneath, and his eyes couldn't hide his happy soul.

"Coffee." Connor sat on a stool at the counter, watching the stranger who plopped down a few stools over. Curly dark blond hair fell to about mid-shoulder; he had a beard and moustache, square sunglasses, and sandals. Sandals? Well, at least the man didn’t wear socks with them.

George slid a fresh cup of coffee in front of him, and waited on the stranger.
"Coffee for you, sir?"

"No thanks, I'd like water, and do you have a vegetarian menu?"

George laughed, "You're in luck, our last cook was a vegetarian, and she made some mighty good meals." He handed the man a small paper menu. "It's short, but it's good. I'll get your water."

"Get that mangy mutt out of my restaurant." Margaret yelled from the kitchen as the swinging doors that separated the dining area from the kitchen slammed open. A muddy, foul smelling dog burst out of the opening in the counter, followed by a very cute woman on its heels.

Connor smiled as the dog wedged himself under the table in a booth, peering out at the sexy woman who tried to coax him out.

"You, come out of there. Come on boy." She bent over, talking softly to the dog, and the jeans pulled tight across the cutest little butt he'd seen in a long time. Her bare feet only added to her hotness.

"Jessie, is that you?" Sandal man walked toward her.

She stood and turned around.

Connor took in a deep breath. Damp, brown, curly hair matted around her face. Her eyes were chocolate brown, her lashes long, her hips tiny, and her breasts large. This girl was like a walking, talking Barbie doll. Connor swallowed hard, using the paper napkin George had supplied with his coffee to wipe his brow. It seemed rather hot in the café.

"Oak?" A smile lit up her face. "You came." She squealed and ran across the room to the man, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Connor," George leaned on his elbows across the counter, toward him, "did she just call him Oak?"

"I believe so."

Margaret stomped across the room, ignoring their reunion. "Dog. Out," she ordered, but the dog didn't move. "George." Her head turned toward him, her eyes shooting daggers.

He nodded and ran from behind the counter. "Come on." He got on his knees, calling to the dog.

"Dad, let me try." Jessie pulled away from Oak, dropped to her knees and nearly crawled under the table with the mutt.

Connor envied the dog.

Oak walked past George, tapped Jessie on the shoulder, and held his hand up. "Let me."

Margaret gave Connor an eye roll, crossed her arms over her chest, and tapped an aggravated foot.

"Come boy. Come out." Oak looked to Jessie. "What's his name?"

"Toby." George mused.

"Hank." Jessie chimed in.

"Dead dog," Margaret said, "if you don't get him out of my restaurant."


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Linda McMaken

BAER TRUTH - Book One of the Three Baer's Trilogy
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Ancient Rome, epic battles, endangered hearts
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