Thursday, 4 October 2012

Author Spotlight - Linda McMaken & Mud :)

There is a place that has legendary mud. I mean mud on steroids. This mud sticks to you like a lobbyist sticks to a politician. I've only found this mud in one place, Wyoming. Any readers from this amazing state will back me up here.

We headed out on a day trip up in the Big Horn Mountains. The road was hard packed dirt on the drive up the mountain. But coming back down we discovered it had rained, and now the road had to turned to not just mud, but sludge.

We safely made it down and the next morning as we reminisced about our mountain adventure, we noticed a strange substance clinging to the fender wells of the truck. Hubby kicked at it - it wouldn't budge. On further inspection we discovered it was mud from the aforesaid mountain road. He took a shovel to it, only a few small chips of the stuff dropped to the ground. We loaded up and headed into town, to find a car wash.

With a spray of high intensity water, a pick-ax and a military shovel we dug at the goo that had lodged under the truck. It was stuffed into that little divot inside the bumper, under fender wells, wrapped around the tie-rods, was even plugging the bottom part of the radiator.

We've off-roaded before and a swish of power washer always cleaned off the mud - not this mud. It took 2-hours, about 20-dollars, and a pick-ax and there was still mud on that truck. In fact, I broke my little Army shovel on this darn mud!

We continued our vacation, another 1500 miles, came home and there was still mud on the truck. We power-washed it, we scraped it, we finally took it to a big semi-truck wash that had industrial washing equipment - this is where a huge boulder of the stuff fell off. The guy at the truck wash went to scoop it up with a shovel and nearly snapped his back trying to lift it. (No, wonder our fuel mileage dropped on the way home.)

He remarked, "What is that stuff?" As he tried to shovel it outside.

I smiled, "Wyoming mud, legendary mud."

My darling husband snarled commenting about nuclear waste.

The car wash guy grunted, arms straining to take the lump outside. "Remind me never to go there. This stuff is nasty."

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Linda McMaken

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  1. LOL! Impressive stuff. You'd think someone in the state would figure out a way to market it and make a pretty penny.

  2. Very true Laurel! Gee, now you got me thinkin' LOL thank you for stopping by!