Friday, 1 October 2010

Author Spotlight week - Excerpt from Texas Promise

"I haven't been there for you, have I, Jo?" he asked in a soft voice, so quiet and sad.

"Oh, Dalton, let's not get into anything serious now. I feel too good this morning, but I do need to go to the bushes, and I need to wash my face. After last night at the creek, I really don't want to go down there alone."

"I'll walk down part way with you. I think it's cleared out because we're here."

Jo stood from her bedroll. Dalton nearly gasped out loud as she removed her pants, so that she only wore the chemise and pantalets. Unperturbed and unembarrassed, she reached for her boots, pulled them on, and walked toward the creek.

What a sight, he thought. Most of her legs showed and the boots came up to mid-calf.

The chemise showed off her pretty, round breasts, and they swayed a little as she walked. Her soft, white arms were exposed, and she swung them as she strode off in front of him. Her round, sweet-looking bottom, outlined to perfection by the sheerness of the fabric, made him want her, just by looking.

By God, he would kill any man who ever touched her besides him.

Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas
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  1. Great excerpt. I just finished reading Texas Promise and this excerpt brought the whole story back. You have a knack for putting the reader right there by the creek with your characters.