Saturday, 9 October 2010

Featured October Release - Love Breakers and Love Makers by Toni Noel

Deputy Sheriff Jon Sutherland reunites with his high school sweetheart when he responds to a silent alarm she sets off while house sitting. This chance meeting sends the sheriff and Zoe Westmoreland on a roller coaster run for their lives.

Burglars escaping from her parents’ home, send her sprawling. Twice. Then she finds the gardener floating face down in the family pool and interrupts a burglary-in-progress next door. When the gardener's death is ruled a homicide Jon moves in to keep Zoe safe. Not all that easy.

Two men try to force their vehicles off the road, and the one time Jon leaves Zoe alone those really bad guys show up again. Thanks to Zoe's quick thinking and resourcefulness, the crooks get a free ride to the hospital and she winds up in Jon’s arms for keeps.

Zoe turned toward the large panel of blinking lights beside the front door. All right, time to learn to disarm Dad's alarm.

She pulled her father's instruction from her jeans pocket. Just like the retired Superior Court judge -- always thinking every one needed constant instructions, and always judgmental.

At least he'd made this list as simple as possible.

Still thought of her as a little girl, she saw. Some things never changed.

Use the remote clipped to the Volvo's sun visor to open the garage door.

Now, drive in. Always enter the house through the garage.

Oops. First mistake. She'd parked in the driveway and come in through the front door.

May as well read the rest of his instructions and hope she hadn't made another wrong move.

Disarming the panel at the front entrance takes too long. If you're slow, it activates a silent alarm.

Zoe risked another glance at the now fully lit panel near the entrance.

Busted. Two mistakes already and all she'd done was walk right by the panel and out onto the deck, too awed by the idea of lolling beside her parents' pool for a whole month to note those flashing lights.


Since the day my mother started reading The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew to the four of us books have been an important part of my life. As a small child I couldn¿t wait to learn to read, and in school I devoured every printed page I could get my hands on. Summers in Birmingham I rode my bicycle three miles to the local drug store to check out Zane Grey novels which I shared with my father, a tireless breadwinner and avid reader. As a young wife and mother I started church libraries in two small Tennessee towns. Later, when the Bookmobile no longer satisfied the needs of my growing daughters, with the encouragement of my husband, I appeared before the San Diego City Council and City Planning Commission, urging them to purchase property for a library in our fast-growing subdivision before the preferred sites were snapped up by service stations. I bugged city officials so much I was later invited to assist the Mayor at the ground-breaking ceremony for the promised library. Although that library now needs expansion, it is my fondest dream that they¿ll save room on those crowded shelves for the romance novels I write.

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