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Borealis Week - Character Interviews

Today we've got PI Barrington, Gail Delaney, and J. Morgan in character for some interviews. We hope you've enjoyed Borealis Week here at the Blog. Feel free to join us next week as we spotlight author Toni Noel!

Inspiration for KHAI ZAFARA (Evangeline Lilly)


#1 - What do you think of the Borealis?

I grew up there thinking it was the end all and be all of fulfillment in life. I loved and respected my father who devoted his life to his military career in the TPP and I just assumed I would follow his footsteps and I did but not for those reasons. When he was murdered joining the TPP became less of a career and more of an obsession – actually completely an obsession – to exact revenge upon those who killed him. I had little time to indulge in activities outside my TPP duties, I didn't shop the bazaars for anything other than necessities, didn't visit the bars. And I'd only been to the upper luxury levels when duty called for it. As I said, the TPP was my life.

#2 - Did you think Teyrnan was just going to be another prisoner transport?

That's an understatement! I should have known he'd be a major problem from the second I removed him from his cell! He was trying stupid tricks to make things difficult for me rather than trying to get away which was more disconcerting than if he'd actually tried to escape! The worst part though, was that he was laughing at me, just mocking me and that infuriated me, causing me to make idiotic mistakes I normally wouldn't have made. He shook me up just by being physically close to me when other prisoners were barely human in my mind.

#3 - How did you feel once you learned the TPP descripted you?

Utterly shocked and betrayed. Consciously I couldn't believe they would do that to their own, but I think deep down I knew the TPP was capable of anything and just refused to acknowledge it. That was another reason Teyrnan was able to upset things, my faith in the TPP was already on shaky ground and he kept hitting on all those sensitive frail points of my belief in it.

#4 - What's in store for you now that you've left the TPP?
It's all wide open at this point. I just know that we'll be together regardless what happens. I'm also sure that I'll be running from the law so to speak, I'll be a fugitive from the TPP myself, just as is everyone in the Rebellion. I'm still a little nervous about whether the Rebellion will accept me on Teyrnan's word but I have to take it on trust at this point. Either way, I'll be happy just to be with him. I couldn't ever leave his side, ever!

#5 - What did you feel when you first kissed Teyrnan?
That kiss was magnetic and a rush of emotion at the same time. I never wanted it to stop. It made me hungry for more. It was just so…right, so meant to be and so safe. Not to mention the physical intensity. It sort of rocked my world though I wouldn't admit it at the time, lol!


Inspiration for Theron Kess (Oliver Hudson)

#1 - How long have you been a mercenary?

I left Andromeda Prime when I was 14, hoping to find a way to take care of my mother and baby brother after my father left. I wasn't very good at it, until Rufus Pappa found me and pretty much saved me from starvation. For ten years, I was his apprentice while he taught me everything I needed to know about the 'ship for hire' trade. Call that mercenary if you want, but at the time I called it a living. I've been on my own for about ten years now, but I attribute everything I know to Ruff in one way or another.

#2 - Why did you accept the job to get Princess Sarina off Borealis?

I went to King Saron, pledging my oath that I would bring Sarina home to him. What else could I do? The Laroux family took Elijah and my mother in, made them family, and took care of my brother after Mama died. I owe them so much more than I could ever repay. Bringing Sarina home safe was just a down payment.

#3 - How did Sarina break through your defenses?

Honesty with oneself and honesty with The Greater Power is one of the tenants of my 'current' occupation. Sarina didn't have to break through. She was already there. The first time I saw Sarina, she was in the palace kitchen, talking with my mother and helping my brother make hosta seed sweet biscuits. Eli was covered in flour and she patted it out of his hair, laughing and smiling with them both. I didn't even know she was 'Princess Sarina', I thought she was another girl who helped in the kitchen. But, I remember she was beautiful. It wasn't until years later, when I saw her stand with King Saron at my mother's funeral, that I knew who she was. If anything, I cared for her all the more.

I wanted to believe that, after so many years of living only for myself, she would have no affect on me. It didn't take long at all for me to know that was just a lie I told myself. We both had changed, but her soul was still that young princess baking sweet biscuits with my mother and brother.

#4 - Are you guys planning on children?

* chuckles * I am quite sure that answer varies slightly between us. There is nothing I would cherish more than to have a child -- or children -- with Sarina. And while I know she wants children as well, she is a soldier. The two halves of her soul are often in conflict. Perhaps when the TPP has been beaten back in this quadrant, we can talk about it more.

#5 - How has life changed since you became a Shepherd?

It is much more peaceful. One might not believe that, considering the fact that Sarina and I live in a Rebellion war camp that could be attacked at any time. We are equipped to move at a moment's notice, and while I no longer carry a weapon, Veruca is never far away. But, when you consider the fact that I spent 10 sol years running from 'somewhere', running to 'somewhere', and dodging pulse blasts, waking up each morning with my wife beside me is the greatest peace I could ever know.


Inspiration for The Professor (Kate Beckinsale)

1 - How did the Professor come to settle on The Borealis?

Blind luck to tell you the truth. My former base had been compromised in an attack and I was forced to move. All things considered, I been stationed at locations a whole lot worse, but not by much.

#2 - What's the worst part of the Borealis?

Take your pick, but if I had to say one thing it would be the total lack of decent vintage Old Earth vids. I've been jonzing to watching a classic from the master of romantic teen comedies, John Hughes. So, if anyone can bootleg me a copy of Sixteen Candles, I've got a mountain of creds to slap in your account.

#3 - What's the thing you like the most about Kate?

His honorable nature and the view from behind.

#4 - Are you looking forward to life after the Borealis?

It sure ain't meeting my future in-laws. They sound like total sticks in the muds, but for the chance to spend the rest of my life with Kate, I guess I can put up with them. Besides, it might be fun to see how the other half lives and make them squirm every time they see me walk into the room. Okay, that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

#5 - What's your favorite indulgence?

Kate's view from behind.

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